Bold leadership is key for advancement, a leader by definition will lead others, otherwise they are just on a journey by themselves.

As a leader myself, I have always been fascinated by the different types of leadership that we see.

To name a few;

1) Weak Leader
2) Positional Leader
3) Dictator Leader
4) Arrogant Leader
5) Servant Leader
6) Bold Leader

There are so many types of leadership, I am sure you could add to this list. Two questions I have for you – what type of leader are you? Would those that you lead agree with your perception of the type of leader your claim to be?

In this blog, I just want to focus on the ‘Bold Leader’ and share with you 4 steps in how to become a bold leader.

First of all – what is a bold leader?

  • A bold leader is someone who is courageous.
  • They are prepared to go against the tide of popular thinking.
  • They often see problems and challenges as opportunities.
  • They know their giftings and abilities and build upon them.
  • A bold leader has vision and is fully committed to it – they are bold enough to see it, work towards it, shape it and gather others to it.

A bold leader has a fire within them that won’t die down, they are passionate about achieving their vision. In fact their boldness keeps on growing and as it does it becomes magnetic and causes others to follow the bold leader.

After all – who wants a weak or timid leader to follow?

So what are the steps you can take in order to become a bold leader?

Here are 4 steps to help you become a bold leader.

Vision – This is a crucial tool for every leader to build with. Without it you can not build. People must know what the vision is – without vision people despair and apathy and confusion reigns. The clarity of your vision will determine how bold you are in going for it.

You can’t fake it, until you make it. You must see it as a vision in order to make it. This will become your fuel for boldness.

Action – Boldness takes action. After a leader has crafted a vision and then carefully casted that vision to those they lead, it will always call for a response. Bold leaders don’t tend to be intimidated by people, lack of resources or their surroundings.

Rather they have a courageous heart within them. Often the ‘Big steps’ that a bold leader takes which is more visible to others have come about by many ‘smaller steps’ of good leadership – leading themselves well, being accountable, making correct choices and managing them on a daily basis.

This is how bold leaders become people of action. They have personally taken action in their own lives – which they can then reproduce on a wider scale to others. In a previous blog I share about action – leads to success. Click here.

Inner Circle – Bold leaders who want to grow, who understand the importance of significance – realise they can’t do it alone. A bold leader will have with them an inner circle – again made up of bold individuals – who will be bold enough to speak into the leaders heart.

This combination only helps to serve the bold leader and in turn the significant bold steps they could make. A bold leader is not a perfect leader, they will make mistakes – not everything they do will go to plan. This is why it is so important to have an inner circle of bold people around you.

A non-accountable, lone ranger, bold leader is one that is set for a disaster and will take others with them! In a previous blog I share about some qualities to look for – when choosing an inner circle – Click Here to read more.

Personal growth – A bold leader is not one that is just making bold claims about the future and others, but is one that is prepared to make bold decisions when it comes to personal growth. As I speak to a number of very successful bold leaders – they all have one thing in common – they are all committed to personal growth, growing themselves today in order to be able to lead others better.

They will all have a coach/mentor to help them grow. As I coach and mentor clients, I observe this is a powerful combination in order for anyone to grow in their effectiveness as a leader.

Often when you see an increase in your effectiveness – your boldness grows and leads you to even greater heights as you lead people.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 is great) how would you rate your boldness as a leader? On a scale of 1-10, how determined are you to increase this?

What will you commit to in order to becoming a bold leader?


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