Have you ever thought to yourself, how can you get rid of self-limiting beliefs and why is it so easy for others to grow into their potential while I find it a challenge?

Have you considered how you can get rid of self-limiting beliefs? Personal growth seems like it is for everyone else whereas my self-limiting beliefs lead me in a different direction.


It could be for many reasons – but let me mention a few and see if they resonate within you.

  • I am full of great intention – but hopeless in managing them on a daily basis. HECK – I am just undisciplined.
  • I don’t think I am cut out for all this personal growth stuff. HECK – I am just allowing my unbelief to master me.
  • I know myself so well, even others have told me ‘I don’t have anything to offer others. HECK – I am allowing my negative thoughts to shape me.
  • As I compare myself to others, the gap is far too big for me. Everyone else is so far ahead of me. HECK – I am allowing my self limiting beliefs to slaughter me.

How you view your past, present and future will shape you. We can’t outperform our own self imagine.

For instance, if I have always been told I am useless or a failure, guess what? It will produce in me a low self-esteem.

Low esteem eventually reveals itself.  We suddenly find ourselves disqualified.  Why?  Who wants to listen to someone who is useless or a failure! Our lives have become infected and affected by our self-limiting beliefs.


We don’t have to remain in that place, allowing our self-limiting beliefs to shape and mould us. As we recognize our self-limiting beliefs and how they entered our life, we can take action!

We must allow the truth to set us free and not permit lies to hold us back. Consider:


  • I am useless.                         V                    I am precious.
  • I have no hope.                     V                    I have an eternal hope.
  • I am not loved.                      V                    I am loved by God.
  • I can’t do much.                    V                    I am chosen to bear fruit.

As one who has faith in God, I believe there is power in truth and that the truth can overcome fear, doubt and our self-limiting beliefs.

Which areas of your life would you like to grow in during the next 12 months? Is your past holding you back from moving into that which you were created to do?


If we are to grow into all that we were created for, it is important to have vision for our life. There is momentum that comes when we have a vision. It helps draw us toward our future plans.

We become motivated by our vision of growing into our full potential – we move forward not being hindered by our self-limiting beliefs.

It is so important what we believe as it affects our potential. Click the following link to read more about – Does it really matter what I believe?


  1. Write down the negative words which have been spoken into your life, which are now holding you back today.
  2. Write down your present self-limiting beliefs.
  3. Write down your personal vision of growth for your life. Be very bold and courageous when doing this – no small vision. THINK BIG.      
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REVERSE THE ORDER – Switch your vision from number 4 to number 1. Let your vision and truth strengthen you. Believe in the truth and the truth will liberate you.

I would love to hear your story, how you are overcoming your self-limiting beliefs, how you would like to overcome them?

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