Every leader will know that there are huge calls upon his or her life. The choices a leader makes will determine how successful they will become in fulfilling their hopes and dreams.

We all have choices to make in life, some may only effect us personally. However the choices a leader makes can have big implications upon those they have an influence with.

Wise thoughts lead to wise choices and wise actions.

The choices a leader makes can make or break them. This has been true throughout history and will continue to be so.

As a leader, are you conscious that your choices can have a huge effect on you and those around you?

As I coach and train many people, I focus on producing a framework to enjoy great influence, impact and income. Making wise choices are imperative for this to happen.

Being intentional in your decision to be a leader who makes wise decisions is very noble. In a TEDx presentation I gave, I highlighted the importance of being intentional – you can watch this by clicking here.

Consider for a moment on a scale 1 (poor) to 10 (great) how would you rank yourself as a person who makes wise choices?

So how can you grow in making wise choices?

When I coach and train people I often raise the importance of having an inner circle. This will help as a sounding board for your ideas.

Often a leader may think they have a good idea, but it is normally just a good idea that is then shaped up by an inner circle and becomes a great idea.

The choice to have an inner circle is very important – Click Here to see an earlier blog about the power of an inner circle.

What choices lay ahead of you? How will you make your choice? What decision process do you have in place to ensure you are making the right choices?

Regular coaching and mentoring can help to ensure that you grow as a leader in making great choices.

One of the most challenging areas I note for leaders is to do with ‘Time’. With so many calls on their time – what should they give their energy and time to is crucial for continuing growth and success.

I have seen some leaders who are excellent and diligent in safeguarding their time and thus being very focussed on what they should and should not do. This strategy has returned huge dividends – I call it ROTReturn On Time.

Whilst others have become increasingly unproductive as they have just become ‘busy’ leaders responding to everyone’s calls.

The choices a leader makes will determine their effectiveness.

As I end this blog, let me leave you with some thought provoking questions:

  • What can I do today to become wiser in my choices?
  • Should I review my decision making process?
  • How can I become more intentional in making wise choices?

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