Have you recently taken time out to assess your leadership style? How effective is your leadership? How effective would you like it to be?

Leadership styles certainly vary. As a business development coach and trainer, I frequently see different types of leadership. From my clients, research and experience I can see a moving away from the traditional type of leading, which at worst, can be more of a command and control style, to a coaching approach.

As leaders, those with influence over a team, it is imperative that we move with the times to stay ahead. Otherwise, we risk becoming irrelevant to those that we lead in our marketplace.

It is very clear that those who want to become increasingly effective in their leadership skills must be those that adopt a coaching leadership style.

Why do I say that? Acquiring talent and retaining talent is one of the greatest needs for organisations. Lack of talent leads towards lack of engagement and productivity and has a huge impact upon profitability.

A coaching leadership approach looks at teams and situations completely differently than the old style of leadership.

With a strong coaching leadership approach, talent will not come and go, more the talent will come and grow.

To grow your business, you need to develop the talents around you.

Too many leaders employ just the hands and feet of individuals and they miss out on developing the talents people have, and then wonder why they are always having to recruit more staff to handle the staff turnover.

However, just as you can learn leadership skills, you can also learn coaching leadership skills. At the end of the day, your leadership style will have a huge impact in determining the performance of your team and company.

Leadership coaching is based upon three things:

  • asking questions
  • seeing potential in those you lead
  • looking for solutions

It comes away from the tell and blame culture.

                        “Coaching builds effective teams and leaders.” Tony Lynch

Leadership key questions to consider:

  • What is your approach to leadership?
  • Is your leadership style outdated? Does it need to be developed?
  • On a scale of one to 10, how effective are you in coaching and developing your team?
  • What steps can you make today to become increasingly effective as a leader leading a team?

One of the rich resource tools I use to help my clients in finding their leadership style is the Keep Thinking Big Leadership Profile. Click here for more information.

This powerful resource will identify your leadership style and how you can develop a more coaching leadership approach that leads to a higher performance for teams.

Developing your coaching skills will take time and investment. However, the dividends are well worth the effort. A strong coaching leadership approach will impact your culture and will act as a catalyst in developing your team’s potential. It will become an enabler for teams to become fully engaged, which leads to greater performance, productivity and profitability.

Don’t get left behind in your leadership skills.

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