Having recently returned from Disney World, I am struck once again by the enormous dream that Walt Disney had. Not only did he have a huge vision and strategy, he also possessed the ability to cast it to others.

Having a vision and being able to cast it where you get buying-in from your team are two different things.

As a business development coach and trainer, I know many people in business who have a vision and goals, but they find it hard to articulate them to their team, which can be detrimental to the success of their business.

Where there is no vision, people lose heart because there is no sense of a better future, a goal, and a purpose.

Team members that can’t see the importance of their role to the future of the company often vote with their feet and leave the company for a more forward-thinking company.

In the case of Walt Disney, you can see the outworking of his vision with the millions of people who have had their dream come true by visiting Disney World.

Walt Disney wanted to ensure safe, clean parks for his guests to experience the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. He wanted everyone – including his ‘cast members’ (his team) – to feel and experience the magic of Disney World.

Keys to Casting a Vision

Ensure that you have a clear idea of where you want to get to.  If you haven’t already, begin to work on it now.

  • Have your vision documented – others should be able to read and understand it.
  • Ask others in your inner circle and a business coach to help you shape and define your vision. Allow these trusted folks to help you make it even greater. Click here to read an earlier blog about the importance of an inner circle.
  • Live with your vision, dream into it, think big, don’t think small. Often what differentiates average and good leaders is the way they choose to think.
  • Take time to prepare, don’t rush into it. There is an art to casting it to your team. Preparation and presentation are vital.

Like Walt Disney, dream big and have a clear idea of how you will get there.

Your vision for your company and team should communicate clearly and easily the important role that each member has and the responsibilities of their role.


So, what are the very next steps you can take?

  • Prepare a vision for yourself and your business.
  • Shape up your existing vision.
  • Present your vision to your team.
  • Reinforce your vision to your team – casting it is not a one-off event, it needs to be revisited often or otherwise it can be forgotten.

Vision brings the future possibilities into the sight of the whole team.

A leader is a seer – one who looks into the future and is then able to communicate that clearly to their team.

When others see your dream and where they fit into it, it is much easier for them to run with you because they know the importance of what they bring to the team.