Forget B2B and B2C until you have ‘Mastered’ P2P. We need to bring back people to people.

I often hear the expression from various people that they are in the ‘business to business’ B2B profession or they are in the ‘business to customer’ B2C profession.

However rarely do I hear the term used, I am in the ‘People to People’ P2P business.

In many business circles there is much emphasis focussed on content within B2B and B2C and not always enough on how to connect with the customer – the person that really matters.

If you are in any form of business, the reality is that you are in a ‘People to People’ business.  We live in a world where much attention is given to communicating and building brands, which has its place. However everyone is communicating, but less and less are developing their connecting skills.

As John C Maxwell says:

‘Your ability to connect with others will determine the level of your success’.

This is so true and applies on both a personal and professional basis.

For over 30 years, I have rarely seen courses for people who are in the ‘P2P’ business.  Conversely I have seen many courses for people in the business to business or business to customer world.

As a leader and communicator, I think businesses have relied too much on ‘old systems’ and need to change with the times to stay ahead.

You might have the perfect product to sell to someone or to a company. But if you can’t engage people and understand how to become a ‘master of connecting’ – you will never know the success that you could enjoy.

Much training is focussed on product training and how to sell the benefits. When was the last time you saw a course with the following title – ‘A Course For Those In The People To People Business’?

A question for you…

Consider just in the last 90 days someone who has tried to ‘sell’ you something…Did you both engage during that time? Was it just a product selling exercise, or was there real connecting going on as they took time to understand you better, and if what they had to offer would be a real benefit to you?

People buy from people.

If your business involves interactivity with people – don’t just rely on the product knowledge you may have but get better at becoming a ‘master of connecting’.

In a recent workshop I conducted on ‘Everyone Communicates, Few Connect’ we looked at some of the practices and principles which would position anyone to become a person who knows success by connecting.

For further information on what this course covers just click HERE.

You might have vision, enthusiasm, desire, product knowledge, but if you just can’t connect – Well, you are not going to go very far.

Brand awareness – is not connecting – it is simply brand awareness. Put the two together and you are set up for success.

I am in a profession that many would describe as B2C… However I fully understand that I don’t have any business if I am not in the P2P business.

As one that has learnt and continues to learn the value of P2P, I believe that more training and emphasis should be focussed on the art of ‘connecting’.

Otherwise if we just continue with B2C – business as usual – who just wants usual? Many of you reading this will want growth. Growth comes from connecting with clients – which goes well beyond a newsletter or Christmas card!

If you would like to connect with me and take a deeper dive into becoming a ‘master’ at connecting, which is a learnable skill, learning the skills needed to excel in the P2P world, contact me.

Together we will look at the 5 principles and 5 practices on ‘Everyone Communicates, Few Connect’ whereupon I will share with you what the most effective people do differently when it comes to connecting with others.