How can we close the gaps in business and in life? Are we aware of where the gaps are? Where should we start?

How many times have you boarded a train and heard or seen the words “mind the gap”? Those word remind us to take a slightly bigger step and be careful in the transition from the platform into the train. How can we close the gaps in business and in life?

Let’s take that concept a bit further and look at how we can bring those words into other contexts in our lives where there are gaps.

As a business growth consultant, I often see that there are many gaps that people long to close from expectations to results.

Firstly, here are some key questions that can help to achieve the desired outcome:

  • Where are those gaps?
  • How long have they been there?
  • How can we close those them?
  • What could the impact be if they were closed?

Every business owner knows that they can’t build a strong business on a foundation with gaps.

As they are closed, this can lead into an opportunity for change and growth, professionally and personally.

To close them you need to identify them because you can’t close what you can’t see.

Secondly, we need to identify where they are. This is where evaluating experiences of life with a coach can be very helpful. How long have the gaps been present? Have they developed overtime?

In the 9 following areas, which ones would you like to close the gaps in and why?

  1. Team engagement

  2. Communication

  3. Productivity

  4. Profitability

  5. Efficiency

  6. Effectiveness

  7. Attracting new customers

  8. Retaining customers

  9. What else could you put here?

Clarification of where the challenges are, can therefore lead to understanding the right action that is needed.

Closing them Starts At the Top

We know that all major changes to a business’ culture start with leadership. As a business leader, you should first mind the gaps in your own life and then in your business because leadership starts from within. The thinking and motives of a leader are important because the way we think determines our outward actions. Wise thinking therefore leads to wise decisions.

As I coach clients, I am focused on helping them to close the gaps, that are often revealed through coaching.

Do You Have Blind Spots In Your Life?

I have come to recognise that the way we choose to think will determine the way we look at life and opportunities and whether we think we can close those gaps.

Maybe you are aware of some gaps in your own life and leadership. Are there gaps you may not be aware of? These can often be like ‘blind spots’. We are not aware of them, however they can hold us back in making full use of our potential and opportunities in life.

Therefore, I find that a leadership assessment tool I use with my clients because it can be really helpful to flush out those blind spots and to build upon the existing strengths and to close many gaps between expectations and results.

To understand more about how this leadership assessment tool can help you click HERE.

Thirdly, it is important to know the value of closing the Gaps.

I have often noted that there can be many gaps that we can do something about. However, a process is often required that can translate into seeing the desired results.

When we look at gaps in our own lives and in our businesses and decide whether it’s something we should work to close, ask yourself this question: What impact would it have in my life and those around me if I did not do anything about it and allowed the gap to widen?

As a result of having a positive mindset and a process, this leads to an opportunity for growth and change. Closing them can then lead to a place of fulfilment as well as a sense of achievement and thus a more successful and better future.

The word strategy can be overused at times and not fully understood. Strategy planning is about taking a very deep dive into planning and then wisely deciding on what to do and what not to do. This can lead to closing the gaps. So how can strategy help you close the gaps and grow your business?

Start To Make The Changes In Your Life Today

In conclusion, I encourage you to take time to review your life and consider where the gaps are between expectations and results. Then determine what you are going to do to close them.

I know that I have seen great changes in clients lives as I have worked with them to close gaps through the art and skill of coaching and mentoring.

Coaching can be a game changer when it comes to closing the gaps between expectations and results.

To learn more about how coaching could impact your life your future and your business click HERE.