We all know that there is a limit to what one person can achieve by themselves.

Therefore to enjoy greater influence, impact and income, this involves a buy in from the team.

Leading a team is a great responsibility, but leading a team that engage in where you want to lead them to can deliver huge dividends.

There is a big difference in having a team that ‘works for you’ V’s having a team that ‘works with you’. The first is more formal and often the team don’t have much vision and feel they are just there to do a job and that is it. The key is to ensure you engage your team – when you do you engage your team for success.

However when you have a team that ‘works with you’ you have created something really special. You have created a team that is engaged for success.

A team that works with you displays the following:

  • Loyalty
  • Passion
  • Vision
  • Commitment to you and the team
  • Desire to be and to deliver the best
  • Accountability
  • Trust

Often those attributes can be found in many team members but it takes a leader to uncover them for them to flourish.

Leaders play an important role in leading teams. However the leader must realise that they have a pivotal role in first ‘Building the team’.

As I coach and train many people, I often see that there can be a ‘Tug of War’ between the employer and the employee. This leads to frustration, wasted energy and a breakdown of trust and productivity.

This can often be traced back to poor leadership. When I train leaders, I often say ‘Don’t criticise what you allow to happen’.

It can be too easy for a leader to criticise a team member, often behind their back, without actually ever addressing the situation or person. They therefore ‘allow’ things to happen which ultimately affects productivity. Leaders will engage or disengage a team and will reap the rewards accordingly!

One of the best ways to create engagement for success is for the leader to engage with their team. When this happens the team is engaged with the leader. Success and engagement is then part of the culture of the team.

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Great leaders are great leaders because of great teams. Therefore to see transformation of teams when it comes to engagement for success, leadership training is vital. When a leader sees maybe for the first time what could be achieved with an engaged team, it can literally transform a company.

The ability for a leader to:

  • Cast a vision – which the team buys into.
  • See and recognise leaders around them.
  • Take the lids of expectation off the team – so they can excel their limitations.
  • Create a culture of engagement for success by all.
  • Identify emerging leaders.

These are vitally important. All of them are learnable skills, which when taught and embraced will produce engagement and very productive teams.

Engagement of a team is fundamental for increased productivity. The process of this actually starts at the hiring stage, first you must attract the best team for your organisation. Spend time in an interview procedure to discuss the vision and culture of the organisation. Look out for key areas such as character, commitment, courage, chemistry, competency and compassion.

The right people from the start makes this process so much easier.

If you have inherited a team, I would encourage you still to focus on these 6 C’s. This is because this will bring a framework in gaining the culture you need.

Peter Drucker says – “No executive has ever suffered because his people were strong and effective”.

Having a strong and effective team will create engagement and excitement within the team, often displaying a ‘CAN DO’ attitude, which in turn causes great momentum.

To increase engagement – momentum is vital. No momentum will result in poor engagement and productivity.

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Every employee wants to feel secure as well as knowing there is growth opportunity not just for the company, but for themselves. Therefore engage your team and you will see a greater return.

Leaders, who want outstanding engagement from their team need to display and communicate clearly about growth opportunities that are possible for their team. They then need to identify and work with those that want to grow with these opportunities.

It is a joy of mine to work with leaders, in order that they become even more effective leaders, enabling them to see and enjoy greater engagement of their teams. I love hearing stories from those that have hugely benefited from growing themselves as a leader which increases productivity in the organisation.

This shows me – this is a learn-able skill. Don’t leave it to the few. Learn it yourself and enjoy engagement for success.