L2: Learn – Lead was an international leadership event that I hosted in Surrey. It gathered a number of business people, many of whom held significant leadership positions within their place of employment.

There was so much excitement in the room as each of the three speakers delivered outstanding content with a framework to ensure further personal growth as well as how they could take their company to a new level.

As a leadership coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell Team, I was delighted to host this event which added great value to all those that attended.

John Maxwell spoke about the importance of questions and that good leaders ask great questions. This was so insightful and provided a structure in how to go from just asking a good question to a great question. John shared from his latest book – Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.

In fact I am conducting a one day training course on this subject for those who want to become ‘Masters’ at asking great questions. This will help to position those that attend for a great 2015 – for more information Click Here.

Tim Sanders spoke about being ‘a people centric’ leader and Linda Kaplan Thaler about GRIT. Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity. They were both helpful sharing their skills in leadership and creativity.

It was fair to say that everyone went away having received great world class content, which if implemented would take themselves and their companies to a whole new level.

Also the other great aspect of the event was the brilliant networking that happened. Many have commented on the business opportunities that have been discussed since the event took place.

One company which I would like to highlight is Dreaming Fish. They in fact filmed my keynote speech as well as The highlights of the day – both of which you can watch within this blog.

I want to highlight this company as they did such a brilliant job as you will see from the footage. Phil Miller, the MD of Dreaming Fish, fully understood my need as a client and through his team – produced an excellent product. If you are considering a company to produce a video for your event, I would highly recommend you speak to Dreaming Fish. You can find out more about their company at www.dreamingfish.co.uk.


I would encourage you to take two steps of action now:

  • Book in for my course on Wednesday 26th November – Good leaders ask great questions. This will help to position you for an outstanding 2015 – Click Here.
  • Keep free the 9th October for L2: 2015 which will be on a much bigger scale – consider making this your company leadership event as well as an event for your clients as a way of thanking them for their business – adding value to others is a brilliant way of showing appreciation.

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