Sally and I have just recently been to watch Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, at The Ambassadors Theatre in Woking. Wow, what a wonderful performance in great surroundings at this theatre.

Joseph was played by Lloyd Daniels – who was outstanding. He has a great voice and acting ability. He was easily able to lead the audience into the heart of the story.

I have to confess my wife and I have watched Joseph many times over the years and it never loses its impact.

Have you ever considered why the story of Joseph is so popular?

I personally think the reason is, that within us all there is a dream or a hope that we want to see happen in our own lives. This story resonates with many people.

There are many things that we can actually learn from this story that can impact our lives;

  1. We can all have a dream.
  2. There will be challenges along the way.
  3. Learn to be wise in how we communicate our dreams with others – not everyone will appreciate your dream!

As I look into this biblical story, I recognise it is a true life story. A story that we can learn much from. If you can get hold of a bible, you can find this story in the first book of the bible – Genesis chapter 36-50. It is a fascinating and insightful account – I encourage you to read it for yourself.

‘Put your dream to the test’ is one of the courses I teach, looking at 10 key questions to help you see and seize your dream. To find out more about this course click here.

There is a dream inside you that wants to be revealed and these 10 questions help to bring clarity and a structure to it.

Whatever your age or background you are never too old to have a new dream or set a new goal. Click here to read a previous post about this.

Some action you could take now for your dream – As we come towards the end of another year have you;

  • Set yourself a dream to go for?
  • Have you had a dream which is now just a notional thought?
  • Would you like to benefit from having clarity and a 10 point structure in ‘How to put your dream to the test?’

I personally have helped many people over 30 years move closer towards their dream, as they find clarity and a framework for it.

If I can help you put your dream to the test, just email by clicking the following link – Email Tony

Together we can move towards your dream.


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