When it comes to moving forward into more of your potential the power of an inner circle should not be underestimated.

We already might have an inner circle, but not actually realise it. That inner circle may or may not be the best for you.

What do I mean by an inner circle?

First of all I am not suggesting some mystic group. I am rather referring to a specific group of people often about 3-5 in number, chosen for the purpose in helping you to achieve clarity and advancement. This inner circle may also change over time.

A great proverb I like puts it this way – “Iron sharpens iron”. Who does not need to be sharpened?

There can be much wisdom gained by having wise counsellors around you. To read more about wisdom and knowledge click here.

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I believe that God did not call us to be lone rangers, being unaccountable and just doing our own thing. Your ability to reach your potential often is determined by those closest to him.

I have observed the following in my life and others – when considering a strategy to implement:

1)     Team work helps the ideas to flow  – You don’t possess all the best ideas.

2)    Breakthrough in a strategy happens when you combine thought – not just transferring a thought.

 Who do you have in your inner circle?

This is a good question to consider – one that needs to be addressed if you’re serious in getting advancement in your life.

 Who should be in your inner circle?

My criteria would be the following – you may have others you use:

1)      People you can trust.

2)      Big thinkers – Click Here to read an earlier blog about this.

3)      Not yes people.

4)      Clear leaders.

 Action steps you could take now:

1)      Commit to yourself in having an inner circle.

2)      Be clear on your purpose of doing this.

3)      Pray and Seek God, who they should be, then ask them.

4)      They don’t need to be very close to you…some of my trusted advisors live on the other side of the world. Today with Skype, you can bring the world to your doorstep.

5)      Get started today.

I am very interested to know what criteria it is that you use when looking to shape your own inner circle. Do leave comments below as it would be great to get a good idea of everyone’s personal strategy.

Those who commit to a growing their own personal Leadership as well as their team, see the results that they desire. They plan ahead to stay ahead – what about for you?

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