At Keep Thinking Big, we have the honour to be working with forward-thinking clients around the world as they look to grow their leadership, teams, and companies. We do this through coaching, consulting, and training, providing a strategy for success, built upon a real understanding of our clients’ needs and desires.

We are so thankful to our clients who have provided a recommendation of how we have been able to make a difference for them in helping them to achieve the results they desire. Here are some of our clients’ recommendations. 

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Working with Tony Is a Transformational Experience

“I met Tony through the John Maxwell Team and knew at once after a short discussion that I wanted him to be my Business Coach. Someone here described working with Tony as a transformational experience and that it truly is! Tony has actually taught me to Think Big, to step beyond my self imposed boundaries and lift my eyes above. His sound knowledge of business building, leadership and management built not just on his own extensive experience but backed up by his theoretical understanding and knowledge is exceptional. Yet what I admire and respect the most is his coaching style. He creates a safe space where you learn, are gently challenged and find your solutions in a way that builds your confidence , resilience and strength along the way. My business has grown and is growing due in many ways to his guidance and support and as I look to 2021, I know his support and guidance will be a key factor in our ongoing growth and success. Highly, Highly Recommended.” – Jennifer Izekor, Leader and Founder Above Difference Limited. Certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Inclusive Leadership Facilitator. JMT Certified Coach & Speaker


“As we continue with our strategy to build Parfitt Cresswell, we wanted to employ an experienced successful business development coach and trainer, who could help us in developing our team and business and help us accelerate our growth and move on to the next level.

“We therefore asked Tony Lynch from Keep Thinking Big, to work with some of our team, which resulted in higher conversion rates, increased fees, developing teams and talents within the business.

“His personal approach had a great impact upon the team and helped them gain clarity on their aspirations and goals and how that fitted into the overall growth of the business.

“I personally have benefitted from his insights and experience gaining clarity and focus on our vision for the future.

“If you are looking at taking your company forward to the next level, I would highly recommend Tony Lynch. As a business development coach he has the experience to deliver a strategy that will help to increase your productivity, performance and profitability and ultimately reach your end goal.” —Teresa Payne, Entrepreneur and author of The Good Divorce Guide and The Later Living Guide. Leadership Fellow at St George’s House, Windsor Castle


“I have had the pleasure of attending a number of Tony’s events and have encouraged members of my team to attend as part of their on going development. Tony’s focus on leadership and how we can each make changes in our day to day approach that will make a real difference to our team and our business was very thought provoking. All in attendance took something valuable away with them, whether they were experienced leaders or just starting out on their career path.

“In addition to his events, Tony also offers practical training, workshops and offers his support to businesses on a one to one basis. What mark’s Tony out is his background as a successful entrepreneur. This means he has a real understanding of the pressures an owner manager faces, the techniques that should be employed and how to drive your team and business to a more successful future!”  — Simon MacDonald, Partner at RSM UK


“Having spent a morning with Tony understanding the importance of different styles of communication I can fully recommend not only his knowledge but also the way he managed to get engagement from everyone in the room. The benefits from the session are already beginning to show. Thank you Tony!”  — Louise Punter, Chief Executive, Surrey Chamber of Commerce


“I have had the privilege of experiencing Tony’s training sessions first hand. The first of which was a Surrey Chambers of Commerce training event for local businesses where Tony engaged with delegates in an enthusiastic and inclusive manner, providing techniques and top tips on a variety of business related issues for delegates to take away and implement within their own business, the feedback we received was excellent.

“Tony also delivered an informative TEDTalk in Woking, his enthusiasm and passion for the work he does is evident in his performance and delivery.

“If you are a Surrey based business looking to increase your performance, productivity and profitability through an exceptional Business Development Coach and Trainer then I would urge you to contact Tony to discuss your requirements.”  — Sarah Butcher, Head of Membership, Surrey Chamber of Commerce


“I have had the pleasure of attending a number of seminars presented by Tony Lynch.

“I consider Tony to be a thoroughly engaging and inspirational coach, both in business and in personal development.

“Tony never ceases to be thought provoking and motivating. He is a mentor I am pleased to have the benefit of knowing.”  — Eve Geere, Senior Solicitor at Colemans Solicitors


“I have personally benefited from both group and 1:1 sessions with Tony, he makes you see things differently, some things you may already know about yourself but are not sure how these traits either help or hinder you but Tony has a knack of drawing things out of you so that you come to the right conclusions yourself, he has helped me to not be so critical of myself and to see the positives. I would absolutely recommend Tony to anyone wanting to look deep within themselves, to learn how to use your abilities wisely and to find the positive in the negative!” — Alison Courtenay, Senior Private Client Executive at Watson Thomas


“Tony is a skilled speaker and business adviser. I’ve known him for many years and in that time, he’s developed as a man of great wisdom and vision. He never ceases to amaze and impress. My last interaction with him helped to overcome an issue I had when getting some of my team to understand the reasons for some of my ideas for growing the business. Innovation isn’t always appreciated or understood. Out of our session came the idea that I simply add a short paragraph to any proposal with ‘Why?’ as its heading. This simple solution has resulted in senior members of my team being much more accepting of my ideas and I’m looking forward to all the developments we have planned now for 2021.”  — John Durant, Owner of Doctor-Photo-Ltd, Uk’s leading national award-winning property marketing agency


“I met Tony through the John Maxwell Team. In 20 minutes, he elicited the vision for my company and then shared best practices and applicable, detailed guidance for achieving that vision.”  —Lisa Frank, Founder and President at Camino Life Coaching & Consulting


“Tony is an extraordinary individual who is passionate about helping others achieve success and reach their goals. He is extremely well qualified as a business consultant and as a personal coach. I can guarantee that he will help you achieve the results you are looking for. He is humble, kind, and authentic. Working with him will definitely help you, your business, and your team.”  —Tony Derbyshire, Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer


“I have worked with Tony on several occassions and find him to; not only be a great inspiration, but an excellent ‘go to’ person when facing a problem, as he really listens, asks the right questions that gets you thinking, which in turn helps you in finding the right solution.

“In addition to his first class listening and communication skills Tony is very approachable and I would highly recommend him to anyone who might be looking for business advice, coaching or inspiration.”  —Dolinda Hendrym, Lioness Consultants – Sales, Rec 2 Rec, Marketing, Recruitment Specialists


“Tony recently came and spent a morning with the Surrey Chambers team running a training session on team communication. With two members of our team being new starters that week, there couldn’t have been a better time for it.

“Tony worked with us to understand our individual personality types and work styles and then those of the rest of the team. Tony’s session was really valuable and helped me learn how to better communicate with each member of the team in a more positive and profound way. I learnt a lot about myself and how to maximise my strengths to communicate more effectively with others. He is an excellent teacher and coach and I would really encourage anyone who is looking to do some work in team communication to reach out to Tony.”  — Tara Wavre, Finance & Resources Manager Surrey Chambers of Commerce


“Tony and I have worked together professionally for the past 4 years. Whether speaking from stage, hosting calls or bringing teams together, Tony has a keen insight into taking content and making it relevant for the audience at hand. He works to understand his audience and develop key topics that will help them grow in their respective businesses. Tony possesses an extraordinary passion to help others grow their businesses, where through his experience he brings strategic insight to the table, combined with a process to close the gap between expectations and results. If you are looking for someone to help you find ways to increase performance, productivity and profitability within your business, I would highly recommend connecting with Tony.”  — Stephanie Holcombe, Director of Events for The John Maxwell Company and EQUIP Leadership, Inc.


“We had the privilege and pleasure of hosting Mrs & Mr. Lynch as our esteemed guests, during their stay in Mumbai, India. Being the thorough gentleman that he is, he proposed to conduct a compact yet intensive workshop for our leadership team. Looking at this illustrious profile as a world renown trainer and coach, we graciously accepted.

“Mr. Lynch delivered a strong and motivational message through his workshop and his passion and energy was spectacular. He was concise in his message and the training content was simple yet hit the absolute right chords with our team.

“His workshop speaks volume of his vast experience doing what he does and his passion is unmatchable.”  — Saurabh Dube, Director of Room Operations, Sales and Marketing at The St. Regis Mumbai


“We had Tony Lynch from Keep Thinking Big in England train our senior team at The Leela Palace in Bangalore, India.

“Tony engaged with our team immediately as he presented his training on – ‘How to create Leadership Excellence, 7 steps to transform your leadership, business and team’.

“Tony is a very competent speaker. He delivered a great training session with much content and passion. Through the power of questions Tony helped us to understand leadership and customer care at a new level.

“If you are looking for an experienced, competent trainer, speaker and coach for your company or team, I would highly recommend Tony Lynch.

“He has also been featured in Inc. in the ‘100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference’ as well as being a TEDx speaker.”  — Pratik Vashisht, Room Division Manager at The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts


“I invited Tony Lynch from Keep Thinking Big in England to speak to our team at The John Maxwell Company in Atlanta. Tony delivered a powerful training session with much passion. Through the power of questions and facilitating Tony lead us to a new level of understanding. Tony is an experienced international business coach and trainer, who has also been featured in Inc. in the ‘100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference’, as well as a recognised TEDx Speaker. If you are looking to take your team and company to a new level, I recommend engaging with Tony Lynch. With his background and experience, he will provide training, insights and a strategy which will provide a structure and process in how to think big and further develop your company.” — David Hoyt, Principal Consultant at The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company; President & Founder at The Principle Group


“Tony was a Keynote speaker at a Leadership Excellence conference organised by Grow2lead & Growision. His professional approach as a leader, enthusiasm, leadership experiences, presentation & facilitation skills and cooperation was at the highest level as it can be.

“It was pleasure for me to cooperate and learn from an expert as Tony. I would highly recommend to be trained coached by Tony and to call him to conferences as a Keynote speaker. Tony will give BIG added value to your professional life definitely.” — Juraj Krall, Co-Founder, MD, Ideal Place Mentor & Coach at FORBES IDEAL PLACE & GROWISION

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