27 11, 2013

You Won’t Go Far!

2014-05-21T18:09:08+01:00November 27th, 2013|Ability, Dreams, Leadership, Leading|4 Comments

Has that ever been said about you? I can remember my peers and teachers saying that to me. Wow, these kinds of words can go deep! When we are growing up, many things can be said which can have a lifelong effect. Words that have been said in jest or in all seriousness can begin to mold us as we grow [...]

18 11, 2013

3 simple but powerful ways to become intentional

2018-08-21T04:19:53+01:00November 18th, 2013|Ability, Leadership, Leading|1 Comment

I use to be indecisive…but now I just don’t know! If only my successes depended upon my intentions – my plans, thoughts and dreams and not my actions. Life would be so sweet! Does that sound like anyone you may know? If we all are honest, this reflects each of us……..to some degree or another. What we intend to do and [...]

30 10, 2013

Which one would you chose – Wisdom or Knowledge?

2014-05-21T18:10:28+01:00October 30th, 2013|Ability, Available, Leadership, Leading|0 Comments

Wow, what a response I received from so many people across various nations and from social media platforms to which I contribute. As you may recall I asked a question – If you had to choose between wisdom and knowledge which one would you choose? Your responses covered many opinions which I fully respect and honor – thank you very much [...]


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