What value do you see in yourself? This could be a challenging question.

It’s one that commands a response. Many people if they are honest put a low to average value on themselves. This is often because they have a low self-esteem.

However the truth is we all have a great potential within us. We are all people of great value. Self-limiting beliefs would often seek to blind us from this very truth.

As John Maxwell says – “You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself”.

Self-esteem is worked out in our behaviour. I am not suggesting we think so highly of ourselves that we become proud and arrogant. However when we come to the full realisation of who we are, why we are on earth, that we have been wonderfully created – we can rise up to the potential that needs to be expressed through our lives to others.

So how do we see our value?

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself” – Dennis Waitley

I love this quote from Dennis. He encapsulates it so well we must have a belief – that we are worth the effort.

In my coaching I often find this is a crucial area that needs to be worked through. It allows individuals to see the great potential they have and how they can tap into it for themselves.

What value do you see in yourself?

Personal development is key – yes it will take effort, time and energy – but walking the path of personal development is very exhilarating and worth it. It is not just about reaching a goal or a destination but it is about who you become during that journey.

Critic or cheerleader?

Are you constantly critical about yourself? Do you find it easy to encourage yourself or have you fallen into a pattern of always seeing the worst in yourself? Why not become a cheerleader for yourself – encourage and motivate yourself for progress.

Don’t compare yourself with others – this is dangerous and a distraction rather – focus on how you can grow more tomorrow than you did today. Keep going to that line of expectation – and then exceed it.

‘When you chose to limit what you think you can do – you also limit what you can achieve’ – be careful on the limits you place on your life – Think big, bet on yourself!

Being committed to who you are and the values you hold is a powerful self-esteem lifter.

Look to add value to others

It is important to start with the end in mind.

When we focus on personal growth and becoming the best we can be – this should have a great and positive impact on others.

As we grow ourselves our influence will grow and we can become a good role model for others.

You are a person of value. When you see value in yourself it is easier to add value to yourself and to others.

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Encourage yourself to take positive steps forward to become all that you were created for.

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