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Welcome to the last part of this mini-series on ‘What does it take to REALLY lead?

I do hope that you have found this helpful and inspiring.

Please feel free to pass this blog on to anyone you think will be encouraged as they read it.

If you have not read the previous blogs in this series, I highly recommend that you do so before reading this final section. In the previous blogs I looked at;

L is for Learning

E is for Example

A is for availability

and finally

D is for Devoted.

 D is for Devoted.

Have you ever wanted to give up?

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could be someone else?

Leadership requires devotion!

It is not for the faint hearted. It is for those that are prepared to stay for the long haul. There are often times when life would be easier just to follow the crowd, rather than digging in and leading with excellence.

Being devoted to your leadership, demonstrates love and respect for those that you are leading. Leadership is vital and followers need to have confidence that their leader will not back off at the first sign of frustration, hurt or misunderstanding.

Stephen Covey says ‘In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do’.

Are you considering giving up? I have noticed over the years that some leaders have already ‘given up’ but just have not made it official! Autopilot seems to have kicked in, with any real sense of moving forward and leading well disappearing.

However, it does not have to finish there. Having a belief and understanding of your important call to leadership will help galvanise and bring security to your leadership role. It will charge you with reassurance and peace about the role you have been called to, regardless of difficulties and challenges that may lie ahead.

I have often observed that if you are devoted to your calling to, it will help to energise those that follow you. As I mentioned at the start, leadership is not for the faint hearted. It requires commitment and devotion.

Is your leadership displaying devotion to those that you lead? As I conclude this short mini series on ‘What does it take to REALLY lead?’ I encourage you to lead with excellence. Don’t wait for a platform, lead by being teachable, by being an example, being available and finally in all of this, by being devoted.