Wow, what a response I received from so many people across various nations and from social media platforms to which I contribute.

As you may recall I asked a question – If you had to choose between wisdom and knowledge which one would you choose?

Your responses covered many opinions which I fully respect and honor – thank you very much to everyone for your great input.

Before I reveal the results, let me share with you why I posed the question.

As many of you know I have been in sales and marketing within the property world for over 30 years, leading teams and now owning my company. During this period I have also held various leadership roles within my church.

Following a period of intense training, I recently became a certified trainer, coach and speaker for John Maxwell. During that training, I learned that I had to ‘step up my game’ in reading. I do read. However, until last year I only read 2-3 books a year. This year I have literally lost count of how many books I have read.

What intrigued me with my training and journey into reading was the number of books that are being promoted and sold that offer knowledge – How to…Learn this…etc. Book shops are full of books on every subject and new books are launched every day. There never seems to be a let-up in the number of people wanting to purchase books.

I have also taken time to literally walk around book shops to see the various titles of self-help books, etc. (I know, it sounds really sad!) This section is huge and growing as folks look to gain understanding in how to grow/improve themselves. We can google any subject or word for which we need an answer. We can become an intelligent expert on a subject nearly overnight.

However, we can’t go to google to get all of our wisdom…wisdom often comes to us through the trials of life. The expression that we grow wiser as we get older is not one with which I would agree. Experience in life can give us the ability to grow in being wise. But it is a choice. You don’t simply get wiser with age TWEET THIS.

My concern is that we can blur knowledge and wisdom together; however, they are both distinctively different. We must not be fooled. Just because we have more knowledge then someone else doesn’t make us wiser than they are. I have seen very intelligent and knowledgeable people make very unwise choices – maybe you know some yourself.

The dictionary would describe wisdom and knowledge as follows:

Wisdom – the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment; the quality of being wise: listen to his words of wisdom.

Knowledge – facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject:

There was a man in the Bible who was known to be very wise. His name was Solomon. It is interesting to note that he was a very wealthy person but he did not ask God for more riches. He asked for wisdom.

I find the quote from Peter F. Drucker very helpful – Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. Wise people take effective action TWEET THIS

They take time to reflect and make right choices. I recognize that to be successful in life you need a combination of wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge by its self is not always what is needed. For instance, the expression ‘knowledge is power’ is one I have often heard.

The challenge becomes how to express that knowledge. Wisdom in handling the knowledge you possess is of huge benefit to everyone TWEET THIS.

I am sure like me you have said – ‘I know what I should do.’ But the next time you say that ask yourself, ‘Am I making that decision based on knowledge or wisdom?’

In our desires to grow more fruitful, more effective in the various roles we have, I wonder what the effect would be if we pursued with great energy becoming ‘Masters of Wisdom.’ What would the effect be on our own lives and those around us?

Wisdom can be gained by those whom we chose to have around us – ‘As he who walks with the wise will grow wise.’Increasingly, I find it important to ensure that I walk with the wise. Why? It is for the sake of my family and for those whom I lead. I want to make sure that I am one who makes wise choices not worldly choices.

Mentoring is very helpful in growing in wisdom as well as what you choose to read. Make sure you have a mentor. Don’t try to grow alone. Also consider carefully the amount of time you give to reading. These two elements will ensure that you will grow ever wiser.

As a Christian, I am encouraged to ask God for wisdom. For me, God can provide wisdom which can come in various ways: circumstances, experience, what I read and those who have input into my life. There is no lack of wisdom coming from God but for me the challenge is – am I willing to ask for wisdom.

Well here are the percentages of how those that participated responded:

Wisdom 95%

Knowledge 5%

Thank you once again to all of you who participated in this exercise.

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Please do feel free to leave any wise and knowledgeable comments below from which all of us can benefit.