Are you looking to increase your EFFECTIVENESS, efficiency and productivity, leading to a fulfilling life?

The Control the Controllables Program Is For You

The ‚ÄúControl the Controllables” Framework will help you to refocus and identify key priorities to enrich your personal and professional life.

It will equip you to take your productivity and effectiveness to a whole new level, enabling you to advance your career and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

Effective leaders and individuals are masters of knowing and achieving the right priorities. This framework will help you gain clarity and wisdom in what not to do and equip you in what to do.

Identifying and living into your real priorities can be a challenge to many. However, this framework will empower you to identify the most important priorities for you to focus on now, that delivers the highest returns.



Identify what you can and can’t control

Prioritize Your Focus

Develop an Action Plan


Working 1-1 in executive coaching with Tony Lynch will empower you to gain clarity for achieving a more productive and effective future, impacting your personal and professional life.

It is often noted that to advance a career requires effectiveness, being productive, efficiency, vision, strategy, great communication and the ability to develop teams. This tool will enable you to drive your career to a whole new level.