Business mentor and coaching – Virtual and in person.

With good leadership talent does not come and go rather it comes and grows. This is so true when it comes to building a strong and profitable business. Effective leadership is crucial when leading teams and companies, John Maxwell leadership expert says, ‘everything rises and falls upon leadership’.

As a business growth consultant, I work closely with my clients for their success, this often takes place through coaching, mentoring and training. Business mentoring and coaching online and in person, of a business owner, director or someone who has responsibility for leading a team will often lead to the following;

  • Greater clarity of purposeTony Lynch
  • Challenging mindset issues
  • Engagement
  • Action plans
  • Effective leadership
  • Team engagement
  • Problem solving
  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Agility

Having been a trusted mentor over many years this has helped many to people to make wise and considered choices when it comes to personal development and building a company or team.

The need for ongoing coaching and consultancy is recognised by the most successful leaders throughout the world. To find out more about coaching and mentoring with tony, please send an email to


With increasing change and competition it’s vital for companies to implement structures and processes to stand out from the crowd of competition and to attract an ever increasing client bank.
Tony Lynch offers courses and speaks to organisation’s on the following topics:

  • Leadership excellence
  • Becoming an effective leader
  • How to create dynamic teams
  • How to become an effective manager
  • Developing the talents around you
  • The power of winning teams
  • How to manage yourself for greater results
  • How to recognise your customer’s buying style enabling you to close more sales
  • How to win more clients
  • How to build a customer-centric organisation
  • How to create a culture of success
  • How leadership and culture impacts customer engagement
  • Put your dream to the test
  • 4 Steps to increase your influence, impact and income
  • Networking that works
  • How to think BIG
  • The 15 invaluable laws of growth

Tony has trained those in the following professions:

  • Coaching
  • Estate Agency
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Legal Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sales


Keep Thinking Big provides the DISC Personality Profile to help leaders, employees and teams understand their personalities and communications styles and learn how best to interact with each other and others to foster success.

Our profiles include:

Leadership Report

If you want to be an effective leader, start with a clear understanding of who you are! The complete Keep Thinking Big Leadership Personality Profile will help you create a clear road map for leading – and living – with clear vision.

I have seen so many people change their approach to leadership having worked together on this leadership report. This can have huge impact upon efficiency and effectiveness of an individual.

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Sales Profile

No matter what business you are in, we are ALL selling something.

Your ability to connect with others will determine your success. In sales, you may have the best product or offering in the world, but if you can’t connect with others, you won’t see much success.

Your approach to sales is fundamental if you want to attract more customers The more you can identify a customer’s specific need, the more you are able to sell in a way that truly serves them.

The information in our Sales Style Report is designed to help you become a better salesperson. By understanding your inherent selling style, you will be better able to communicate, motivate, persuade, and ultimately close more deals, move more product or sell more services.

On top of that, it helps you understand how to sell to the different personality styles, so you really are able to identify and connect with your customers better.

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Team Management Assessment

There is power in collaboration and connection – understanding the personality styles of your team ensures that each member can work in their strengths and add to each other, rather than compete.

Ultimately, you are looking to “complete, not compete.” The Teams Management Assessment is a powerful tool to provide this.

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