Teams Management Assessment


There is power in collaboration and connection – understanding the personality styles of your team ensures that each member can work in their strengths and compliment each other.  Ultimately, you are looking to “complete, not compete.”  The Teams Management Assessment is a powerful tool to provide this.

The complete Keep Thinking Big Teams Management Assessment includes the supporting features below to create a clear road map for effective teamwork with clear vision. It includes:

  • Understanding your personality style
  • Motivational Characteristics of your behavioral style
  • Communication DOs and DONTs
  • Teams Analysis – are you an executer, theorist, analyzer, strategist or manager?
  • Values Assessment – loyalty, equality, personal freedom and justice – where do you rank?
  • PowerDISC – discover your strengths
  • Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills


Keep Thinking Big truly believes in the power of these profiles to aid in self-awareness and really recognize what plays into your strengths.  Additionally you’ll learn how to stay motivated and rise to your best success.

The DISC Personality Profiles these are based on are backed by years of validity testing.  They were originally created by William Marston in the early 1920s. With a mere 24-questions (that’s less than 20 minutes to take), it’s amazing to see what an in-depth report you get back. This provides an incredibly intuitive baseline for understanding yourself and leveraging your natural tendencies.

This report is a 20-minute, scientific series of questions and answers that quantifies your natural tendencies and lays them out in a report that provides an insightful view of “who you are” in a work environment.

To build your business, it’s important you build your customer care.  Great customer care always involves action – the right action. Listening to customers, clients and guests is vital for the continuing success of your team and company.

When we have a process in how to do this, we can listen, learn, and lead the changes that need to happen.

If you want to be highly successful and influential in your marketplace, taking this report lays out a clear process of how to navigate your strengths, understand your triggers that bring out more reactive behavior, and understand how to truly be an effective leader that empowers your team.

As you understand your strengths, you are better able to identify those strengths in others.    Instead of simply knowing yourself, the advantage of this report is it helps you also understand your team and/or customers to approach them in a way where they are most responsive.  

Gain valuable insights you can use to establish rapport, open lines of communication, build trust, motivate and lead.




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