Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Moving Your Business Forward

There are few companies, if any, that have experienced long-term success without having a strategy — a plan to attain a long-term vision. But creating such a vision and business strategy is more than just a weekend retreat, a little “Googling” and a pretty report.

A strategic plan is a detailed specification of your long-term vision and how you plan to attain it. It is a great place to start. A strategic plan typically focuses on a business’ mid to long-term goals and the strategies you plan to use to achieve them.

In this White Paper, we will focus on the following to help you develop your business strategy:

• The Advantages to Developing a Strategic Plan

• How To Know If You Need a Strategic Plan

• Where To Start In Developing Your Strategic Plan

• Developing a Business Plan

• Getting Employee Buy-in of Your Strategic Plan

• The Four Main Audiences of Your Strategic Plan

• The Connection Between Your Strategic Plan and Your Business Plan

Business Strategies White Paper