A Close Up Look at a Team Development Model That Has Stood the Test of Time

Developing a productive and proficient team is important to every company and every project. It is an integral part of the business strategy and vision.

Understanding the stages of team development and how you can facilitate and even foster that development can make the process faster and easier. In today’s environment of mergers, changing roles and careers, mastering this process is more important now more then ever.

The best model for doing this that I’ve found is Tuckman’s Tool, a self-evaluation process to help facilitate group development by helping the team cooperate more effectively.

In Tuckman’s Model, he outlines the different phases groups go through to grow as a team. The model initially consisted of four stages of group formation: forming, storming, norming and performing. Later, a fifth stage was added, called adjourning.

In this White Paper, we will focus on the following to help you develop your team:

  • A close up look at each stage of development
  • Tips for leaders in managing the team through each of the phases
  • Tips for team members during each phase of development
  • How the personality styles of the team members can impact the phases of team development