I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Leadership Day in Lithuania. The event, hosted by Data Miner, took place in a superb setting, which helped enhance our learning and understanding.

During the conference, I met so many amazing people: entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and team leaders. They all had a desire to increase their leadership effectiveness.

As an international trainer, you would expect me to underline the importance of training, however, not all training leads to results.

There is a misconception that training leads to transformation. What I have learned from my experience, and what I now teach, is training – as good as it may be – does not lead to transformation.

Application leads to transformation.

For transformation to happen, there must be a clear process on how to apply what is taught. The best way to learn something is to put it into practice as soon as possible.

As an example, when you learn to drive a car you must go from theory to practice, and practice comes by repetition. You cannot pass your driving test by only knowing the theory. Similarly, you cannot develop talents in training by staying in the theory mode, you must move into practice.

For this reason, I work hard to provide my clients an application process that leads to transformation.

True learning comes from applying what you are being enlightened to.

During my last key note session, I reminded everyone that today was an easy day, a day of training and instruction with great food and drink. The following days and weeks ahead, however, the challenging work will begin as they apply what they have been taught.

Some leadership questions to consider:

  • Are you in the theory or practice mode?
  • What is your application process?
  • Do you want a training program that goes beyond the training day? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a clear application process? Do you want results?

If so, contact Tony Lynch at Keep Thinking Big – for training that leads to results click here…