Why should leaders need to learn? What should they be learning? How do you learn as a leader? What have you learnt in the last 7 days about your ability to lead others?

Having researched a number of people who lead at different levels, I have noticed that the most effective leaders have a fascination with learning. They are eager to learn something new from every situation and challenge.

They are eager to learn, giving this a high priority in their own lives. As they learn and grow in their own personal development this has a very positive effect on those that they lead.  From this they become exceptional leaders. A leader that everyone wants to follow.

There are some leaders who think they know it all, but regrettably therefore fail to grow the team that they have.

Leadership is the ability to lead others to places they could not have gone without you. This requires that a leader continues to learn, grows and develops.

Leaders are learners and learners are leaders. Leaders are also readers, it is important as a leader not just to be a good reader, but also that you are read great material designed to expand your leadership, influence, vision, productivity and profitability. To receive my blogs and articles about leadership & management and sales & marketing training click HERE.

I love this great quote – I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught – Sir Winston Churchill.

Keep learning. This might seem an odd place to start initially, surely if you are to lead, you know everything there is to know?……or so you think.

However this is far from the truth. If you are to edify others, you must learn to edify yourself. If you want others to learn from you, you must be constantly learning yourself.

It is dangerous to take your ‘L’ plates off when it comes to learning. When we think we don’t need to learn anymore, this is when we become ineffective in leading others.

It is interesting to note that, if you as a leader reach for your potential, often those around you will be encouraged to do the same. The key element for success in this area is taking the right action. Take the right action and it will lead you to success, click HERE to learn more.

So ask yourself;

  1. What are the processes you have in place today to develop your own leadership?
  2. In the last 12 months how would you rate your leadership growth? 

One thing I know about great leadership is that leaders ask themselves very challenging questions…….and they don’t hide from the answers!

Musician Bruce Springsteen commented ‘A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being that man you want to be’.

If you are in a leadership role, you will appreciate the importance of having a strategy to learn that will empower you to develop those around you. Constant learning has huge benefits, it keeps you motivated, inspired and focussed on the possibilities and how to grow a business and team further.


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Tony Lynch is an international business and leadership coach. Through his coaching and training he helps his clients to create competitive advantage in business, which increases productivity, engagement and profitability.