What type of thinker are you? Are you a strategic thinker?

When was the last time you challenged the way you think? The way people think will determine their leadership.

Have there been times in the last 90 days that you have become frustrated in the way you decided to think, when dealing with challenges and opportunities?

Would you like to upgrade your thinking?

I am sure you will know some people whom you would describe as a:

  • Big Thinker         
  • Small Thinker        
  • Positive Thinker        
  • Negative Thinker

There are many ways people think. In an earlier blog I looked at how to become a ‘Big Thinker’. To read about the big thinker – click HERE.

However in this post I want to share with you about the strategic thinker.


Does this describe you? Would those that are close to you describe you as a strategic thinker?

Would you like to improve your skills in becoming a strategic thinker? What comes to your mind when you think of the word strategy? Often it is applied to a project, task and in business.

However imagine if you apply this to your personal life – what would the benefits look like in your life?

When you become a strategic thinker – don’t presume it is just for a business project or something you are involved in doing.

Look at the ways it could personally benefit you in your own personal growth as you move toward your potential.

Don’t minimise your strategic thinking – let it flow from one area to all areas in your life. Let it show up in your self leadership to your public leading of those on your team.

Strategic thinking is a learnable skill – coaching and mentoring really helps to develop this much needed skill. Consider for a moment how your thinking and life could change in the next 12 months as you apply the steps in becoming a strategic thinker…..You may never look back again.

Employ a strategy for your personal growth. Don’t just meet life. Look for ways you can lead your life well. A great way to become a strategic thinker – start with your diary.

Plan ahead to stay ahead and choose a set day each month towards the end of the month in order to review the last month and to plan what you want to accomplish during the next month. If you want to become a strategic thinker it will require planning. It will be seen in your diary.

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Strategic thinkers recognize things they should and should not be doing. Strategic thinking provides clarity and focus.

So when opportunities come your way – think about asking ‘WHY’ before asking ‘HOW’. Why should I be involved with this particular opportunity?

Strategic thinkers know the importance of great questions. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your answers. Therefore there is so much value in asking others great questions – but also ourselves. 

Consider further questions such as:

  • Why not?
  • Why not now?
  • Is there another way to accomplish this task?
  • Is this really the very best way forward?
  • Why do we have this situation?
  • What creative ideas and innovation could I deliver into this situation that will upgrade this project?
  • Is there anything else I am not aware of that might influence the way forward?

Keep asking yourself great questions – ask those you are involved with great questions, this will keep you growing as a strategic thinker.

One of my mentors, John Maxwell, is a great thinker. He has shown me how to become a strategic thinker.

Another great way to grow as a strategic thinker is to spend time with other strategic thinkers and see how they navigate different situations and how they plan their day in advance.

In my monthly ‘Connect & Grow’ free 30 minute training calls I use strategic thinking in the lessons I provide in order to help others grow their business as well as their own personal development. Why not join others from around the world for these calls? They are all recorded and send to those that are part of ‘Connect & Grow’. For your free registration click HERE.

Often my business coaching draws upon my strategic thinking and planning for my clients. Strategic planning and thinking returns huge dividends in upgrading a business in so many ways.

What can you do today to focus on developing yourself as a strategic thinker?

Let me know – I would love to hear from you.