Tony & Nick V

I recently had the honour and pleasure in meeting Nick Vujicic. As many will know Nick was born without limbs, and is living an incredible life.

He has not allowed his disability to overcome his ability, and has been thankful to God for what he has, rather than focussing on what he does not have.

One thing that is so clear about Nick, is his personal story which has enabled him to bring a message of hope to literally millions of people around the world.

When you meet someone like Nick, it can only inspire you to be press on, regardless of what you may or may not have in life.

Nick is a Christian and delivers a clear message of hope to all those that he meets. He is a man of integrity, passion and vision; having very clear goals for his life.

The title of one of his books; ‘Life Without Limits,’ really does portray Nick so well, and it should be a challenge and an encouragement to us all. I am sure Nick would appreciate as many prayers as possible as he seeks to bring a clear gospel message as he travels the world. To know more about Nick and his ministry click on the following link