Trainings Can Be Powerful

As a business professional, an important part of development is attending trainings in your area of focus.  Beyond that, attending trainings on personal development in any way can have a profound impact on your business and your life.   

You may increase your leadership, effectiveness, communication, or learn some new sales strategies.  Gathering together for training can often be the setting for learning, understanding and networking, that develops into greater results.

What Produces Transformation?

I have travelled to Mumbai, Bangalore, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lithuania, Bratislava, London, USA and more to speak on topics of leadership, customer service, and selling.  I have met countless incredible entrepreneurs and business leaders, and love to see the impact the workshops have on them.  

As an international trainer, you would expect me to underline the importance of training, however, not all training leads to the desired results. There can often be a disconnect from training to results. This is often birthed by the misconception that training leads to transformation.

Training, as inspiring as it may be, does not, in and of itself, lead to any lasting transformation.  It is only in the application of what is learned that true transformation can happen.  For this to happen, there must be built into training a clear process in how to apply what is being taught.

Put It Into Practice

If you want progress in your company, you must apply and practice.  Simply knowing the theory or taking notes at a training does little to confirm that it will lead to success in your business.  Just like learning a new language, simply reading about it is not what makes you fluent.  It is the full immersion and practice that takes your knowledge to application.  That is where you see true progress.  


You cannot develop talents in training by staying in the theory mode; you must move into practice. Therefore, with my training I work hard for my clients to provide an application process that can lead to transformation. 

Now…It Is The Application

During this holiday season, it may be you are looking for training beyond flying somewhere for an event.  There is a resource that goes beyond a day of training to an individualized process – that takes you from understanding to an action plan to jump start your application. 

The Keep Thinking Big Leadership Personality Profile does just this.  If you are looking for a guide that aids you both in personal and career development, this is a powerful tool.  At only 24 questions, it is incredible the insights this report delivers.  It lays out your unique strengths, what motivates you, and – the clear application process – how to best communicate with others.  

I use these reports in many of my on-location trainings as well as with my personal coaching clients.  And now I am thrilled to offer them to you for instant access.  

Click here to explore the leadership profile

Leadership questions to consider:

• Are you or your team in theory or practice mode from a recent training course?

• What is your application process for you and your team?

• Do you want a training program that goes beyond the day of training, to enjoy the benefits of a clear application process for results?

Click here and let me know the next step you and your team will take to enjoy the benefits that an application can deliver leading to process transformation.

As a business development coach and trainer, I work with business leaders to enhance their team engagement, performance, productivity and profitability. As I focus on those in the service, sales, legal, financial and hotel sectors, I stand by this powerful tool as one that allows for instant application in your business and your life.