Leaders need to think of different ways for increasing effectiveness – becoming a reflective thinker is a powerful way in being able to move forward.

Many leaders find this one of the most difficult ways to think, because they are people of action – always busy – so to stop and be reflective is a challenge.

How easy do you find it to have time out, to be reflective, in order that you can move forward with greater clarity?

There is so much to gain from reflective thinking such as:

  • Refocusing on the big picture
  • Defining purpose & goals
  • Looking at the good, bad and ugly in order to scale new heights

So how do you become a reflective thinker?

  • Make it happen. Nothing happens unless you make time for it in your schedule so set a time a side to make it happen. Personally I find 15-30 minutes is adequate for this.
  • Find your comfort zone for this – don’t try this in the middle of a busy office! You need to shut down social media/phones and anything else that will strive for your attention.
  • Define great questions that will help you be reflective to draw, expose and build upon. Have you considered what the best questions are that you could ask yourself?. Great questions can have a huge impact upon your life.

In fact, I am about to start a new training course on – Good Leaders Ask Great Question. For further information about this just click the following link – Good Leaders Ask Great Questions              

Look at the past, present and the future. Reflective thinking is not to slow you down to go backwards. It is to reflect, to gain greater insight and clarity in order to seek new heights in the future.

I find this quote from Peter Drucker very helpful – ‘Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action’.

Our modern world does not really allow for this to happen. I don’t see in many companies, diaries with ‘Reflect Think Time’ – However imagine for a moment – this did happen – what a difference and impact this could make.

Maybe you have to start in your own time, a lunchtime, evening – why not make a start today – If there’s one thing I know it’s that great leaders know the power of this.

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