Habit is the daily battleground of character

Habit is the daily battleground of character. Our character is formed according to our habits.

As I reflect upon these words, I can see they are filled with much insight. It does raise a question though – How are habits formed?

We all want to have a good character but again – Where does good character come from?

From a very early age, we all start to perform habits. We don’t really think about it. It could be as simple as putting on socks – which sock goes on first, the right or the left?

It is good to have great habits.  I like to describe habits this way: “Make clear your decisions and then manage them on a daily basis.”

It is important to know what you believe about yourself when it comes to habits. I share more about this in a previous blog. To read more about this very important and fundamental truth, go to “Why it matters what I believe” by Clicking Here.

As a Christian, I desire that my habits are godly habits. I want God’s values to be my values.

I know there could be a battle to keep them, but this is where character is formed. We all want to have a good character, but character is not formed:

1)      By thinking about it

and it does not often happen

2)      Without a fight

Habit is often established by a process. You start it once and you keep doing it. We all have a choice of the habits we have. They are either:

1)      Good habits or they are

2)      Bad habits

Bad habits I have noticed often start by doing something we feel we are in control of. We then become a slave to it! I have seen this so many times. Bad habits can be difficult to break; however they can be broken.

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Good habits are formed by making good decisions. Then they must be passionately managed on a daily basis.

To ensure you own personal development and not remain in your comfort zone, let me leave you with two questions:

1)      What good habits do I have that I could ‘Master’ to become great habits in my daily life?

2)      What bad habits do I want to overcome?

Both of these require action if you want to be successful in growing great habits and overcoming bad habits. To read more about action Click Here.

Winston Churchill said – “I never worry about action – only inaction.”

Winston Churchill knew the importance of action. Progress cannot be made by daydreaming, but by taking real action.

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