Reflecting and preparing is a healthy way to advance in life. We should not take our lives or life experiences for granted.

Investing time in evaluating our experiences and learnings, can lead us to become more productive as we move towards our better future. We need to prepare ahead to stay ahead.

Firstly, when we reflect well, I have often noted it can lead to seeing new dreams and opportunities. Why is this? It is because we decide to take time out to ‘Stop and Reflect’. As a result of this we can now begin to see the ‘Big Picture’.

When was the last time you took time out to reflect?

Therefore, take time out to reflect. This can often stir new dreams and opportunities. My question is, if that is the case…..which I know it is…..How can I prepare for them and a better future?

I have often noted that in life we can tend to be Preparing or Repairing. But if we want to be preparing for that better future, we need to again ask ourselves some challenging questions. This can help to take us from confusion to clarity. Therefore clarity can lead to the momentum you desire.

These are some of the questions that I consider when preparing:

  1. What is the 1ststep I can take today in my preparation for a better future?
  2. Am I really prepared to commit to this?
  3. What could stop me moving ahead?
  4. Who should I be accountable to in this?
  5. How am I going to track my progress?

Sadly, so many dreams and good intentions never mature and don’t last the test of time.

Why is this? It is often because there has been no process for progress.

Preparing and dreaming for a better future is only part of it.

There MUST be a blueprint for how the plan, improvement, the stepping up, the new behaviour etc, is going to come about. As a result of this, a process for progress can be achieved. This is where thoughts turn into real action.

As a business growth consultant and mentor to many people, I work with my clients to ensure they can do this and do this well. A lack of clarity when trying to formulate goals for future growth and success will often hinder the desired outcome.

One of the tools I equip my clients with is a leadership assessment. This helps to take them from confusion to clarity in how to move towards their better future. To learn about this tool click HERE.

Time is short, so let’s not waste time. Just dreaming and preparing about the future but never taking the strategic steps needed to fulfil them leads to huge disappointment.

Prepare ahead to stay ahead. Stay ahead with your dream or your next step and where you want to get to in the future.

Sir Winston Churchill spoke into this so well with his following comment – ‘I never worry about action, but only inaction”.

To understand more about how mentoring can help you to move into your better future click HERE.

So, what would preparation look like for you?

So take time out to prepare for your future. Often it is not the BIG steps we have to take, rather it is the small step the NEXT STEP.

Are you moving into a new season? Is it time to reflect and prepare to ensure you make the most out of your next season of life?

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Lastly, do let me know how you will take time out to reflect and prepare. I know you can do this.

What will your next step be? How will you ensure you keep moving ahead towards your desired goals and dreams? And finally what process will you put in place not to get distracted along the way?