As we enter the Autumn, I often find that this period is a good time to reflect and to prepare. When we consider the huge challenges and changes we have all faced in 2020, we do need time out to reflect. We need to learn how reflecting can bring transformation.

Effective reflection is not about just thinking of ‘the good old days’ It is more about evaluating experiences and how to grow from them. Times of reflecting can equip us for a better future.

Unfortunately, when we are too busy, we just go from one thing to another. We become busier but not always effective and life is not as fulfilling as we had hoped for. So, I would encourage you, as you read this blog, to carve time out of your in your busy schedule to reflect to ‘Reflect and Prepare’ for the future.

I have found that a helpful way to do this is to ask questions. John Maxwell often says that ‘Good leaders ask great questions’. However, those questions don’t always have to be to other people they could be to…….ourselves.

Often times of reflections can lead to new dreams and possibilities. To read a previous blog about this click HERE.

So, what questions will I be asking myself? What questions could you be asking yourself?

 Here are some of my questions for reflection that may help you as well;

  1. What have I been learning about myself during 2020?
  2. In what areas of my life have I advanced in this year?
  3. What has not gone well for me this year?
  4. How do I adapt to change?
  5. What is my coach noticing about me at the moment?
  6. How have I grown my strengths this year?
  7. What have I started but not followed through on?
  8. What have been some of my biggest wins this year?

These and other questions I will be asking myself as I take time out in the Autumn to ‘Reflect and Prepare’. Write down your answers and begin to stay with your thoughts.

 Peter Trucker a famous business leader once said ‘Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action’.

This tells me that I will be smarter if I take responsibility for how I use my time to be more effective. Therefore, reflection is at the heart of this to learn and grow. There is always a purpose and a why when it comes to reflecting.

As a business growth consultant, I have often seen that a vision can remain just as a vision if there is no clear logical strategy for its development. If you want to move ahead with your vision, you must also plan ahead to stay ahead. Don’t just remain in the ‘dream mode’. See how strategy and vision can transform you and your organisation.

 Look out for my next post, as I will share with you my questions that I ask myself for the ‘Prepare’ part, because reflection done correctly is always for a purpose, which often leads to greater effectiveness.

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Please do let me know the types of questions you will be asking yourself in this season.