How do leaders build confidence within their teams?

Confidence lifts the lid on what is possible. Confident teams look at challenges with a can-do attitude. It is as though they were made as a team to become problem solvers and therefore become very creative in what they think is possible. They make things happen as a team, where other teams give up. The great thing is that confidence can be built with results following.

If you have been around a strong confident team you may have noticed that there is something magnetic about them. Everyone wants to be on a winning team.

So how do leaders build confidence within their team?

As a business growth consultant, I have often found that the measure of confidence a team possess depends upon its leadership. True confidence is owned by each individual, but confidence in the team is built and established, and that starts with its leader(s).

Three Things A Leader Can Do To Build a Confidence within their Team

Firstly, Empower Your Team
There is a big difference between giving orders versus empowering. Many may say we don’t give orders; however I’ve seen in many organisations there can be a tendency to employ the hands and feet of individuals and not their brains and creative ideas.

Likewise, there is a difference between delegating and empowering. Some may say that they are good at delegating but my question is what is being delegated? Is it just the jobs that someone else does not want to do?

Empowering your team to make decisions, to think, to be creative, and to find solutions will lead to building confidence.
Teams often don’t need more orders they need to be empowered, because empowered teams move forward with a higher level of confidence. To learn more about how to grow your team’s confidence through coaching click HERE

Secondly, Look To Your Team For Guidance and Ideas
Empowering leaders know they don’t have all the answers however they know the answers can often be found within their teams. Employers, managers and team leaders do not always have a monopoly on the greatest ideas or best way forward. It takes time, there is a process for it and the returns are huge. The first step: ask for the team’s recommendations before providing a resolution.

If asked, team members will often have much to offer in terms of experience and ideas which, if accessed, can save leaders time and energy, leaving them free to focus on the wider horizon, for example, broadening the scope through strategic partnerships and succession planning. And be sure to give credit where credit is due. Recognise your team members when they contribute or share an idea.

Thirdly, Capitalise On the Strength of Each Team Member

Everyone has talent within them, which needs developed. It takes a leader to draw this out for the good of the team. There are tools available to determine each team member’s strengths and their assets, to learn more about this click HERE.

Imagine for a moment the impact this could have on your organisation and team, if they were empowered and if their skills and talents were developed and multiplied. Leaders lead more effectively. They don’t need to be making all the decisions, rather those who are closest to the challenge or the opportunity, should be making them, this leads to greater results.

Therefore, as you look to build your organisations and teams always look for creative ways to empower them with confidence because the results can be dynamic.

Everyone should know that what they bring to the table (or not) impacts the vision becoming reality. This will lead to individuals becoming part of a winning team, where everyone works towards their strengths looking out for each other. Winning teams are in high demand, so how does strategy build confidence and grow a business?

So what impact could this have for your company, productivity and profitability?

One big advantage that an empowering leader will benefit from. Not only will they help their team develop confidence and the skills they have, this helps them to become the very best that they can be.  Empowering leaders build a habit of retaining the very best talented people.

Why is this?

Because with good leadership talent does not come and go rather talent comes and grows.

Empowered and confident teams are the mark of an effective leader. Leadership is a skill that can be developed. To learn more about ‘Developing and Growing a Team, for Optimal Performance’ can impact and grow your company, click HERE.

As I conclude, let me share with you one of the tools I use with my clients to help them develop their leadership and confidence within their teams is The Keep Thinking Big Leadership Assessment.

It shows areas of;

  • Leadership style
  • strengths
  • growth areas
  • communication
  • engagement
  • team development
  • and much more

Therefore, if you want to become increasingly effective as a leader and if you want to build a confident team click here to find out more about the leadership assessment.