In these challenging times we are all experiencing disruption at a level we’ve never experienced before. We are also experiencing this at a phenomenal speed, and it was certainly too quick for anyone to prepare for.

Cast your memory back for a moment to the 1st January 2020.

I expect you had some plans, dreams, strategies, and targets that you wanted to achieve in 2020 and some of them you wanted to achieve within the first 100 days.

However, we would have never thought that within 100 days from the start of the year we would see countries being locked down having been hit by an invisible deadly virus, the coronavirus.

Families, health, social life, business, finances, every sector has been hit.

Covid -19 is very concerning on a personal level but also upon economy, the business world, and livelihoods.

  • How can we respond at this time?

Do as the government has told us to do, such as staying in, social distancing, washing hands, self-isolating and the other directives, these are all key factors in helping to combat the coronavirus, saving lives and protecting the NHS.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all those that have been affected and will sadly continue to be affected.

To the many business owners, employers, employees and self-employed at this critical time.

  • How can we lead well in our business at this challenging time?

There are many things that we can and should be doing, as well as things we should not be doing. Let me share with you one area that could be very helpful to you. I could sum it up in two words – Communicate Effectively, write those two words down.

One of the first things that we can do as we lead our business and our teams through these challenging times is to communicate effectively. This is good leadership in action. Don’t hide from the facts – your team needs you to communicate. However, they need you to communicate effectively.

  • Communicate clearly and wisely.

Don’t over promise but bring hope and vision to those on your team. Leading effective change in challenging times is paramount during a crisis.

Be the calm in the storm for them by the way you communicate effectively. Many are experiencing fear and panic in these challenging times. Fear is spreading quicker than this virus. Be that leader who communicates a sense of calm and peace in the storm that we are all facing.

Set regular times and dates for communication updates. This will help your team to stay focused and assured. As I said earlier, don’t over promise. Be transparent. Let them know you don’t have all the answers, but you are committed to coming through this crisis. Walk with them in the storm. Let them walk with you through this storm.

  • Take Action.

When it comes to communication take action. This is the time to lead effectively as we communicate effectively. Be sure to take effective action today. Set up those times and dates for regular communication to your team.

Sir Winston Churchill once said – “I never worry about action but only inaction.”

What action can you take today when it comes to communicating effectively?

This time, this crisis will pass. No one can put a date on it – but it will pass. I also want to encourage you to communicate effectively to one other person…..who is that person?

  • That person is YOU.

Friends – this is a horrid crisis that we are going through, one that we have not been before. Therefore, at this critical time I want to encourage you, to guard your self-talk. Be wise in who you choose to listen to. Feed upon facts and not rumours or random thoughts. Do not have the news on 24/7!! Often what we take in – will come out. Take heart and be wise, build yourself up well. Those that you lead are looking towards you for leadership.

  • Acknowledge the fear, you and others may have – but don’t empower the fear.

As a business growth consultant, I can already see the way we do business in the future will change in various ways. The key is to be agile as you move forward in these challenging times.

There will be the challenge of unlearning and relearning of the new as we progress. These are days to support, encourage, to be kind, to look out for others. We will all be able to do this through effective communication.

History clearly shows that a crisis can often define a leader. Your company, your team, your customers and clients need you to be the best you can be. You also owe it to yourself.

I want you to recall those dreams, plans and strategies that you had back at the start of 2020. Hold them, remind yourself of them. Let them bring hope and encouragement to you. Keep your dreams and plans ahead of you – don’t forget them.

However, now might be the time to review your business strategy, the world has changed and the way we will continue to do business will change as well.

But the big question is, how will we change and adapt?

To consider how you may change and adapt your business strategy, click the following link to see the white paper I have on – What to consider when developing a business strategy –

As I conclude, together we will come through this. There are probably more challenges ahead for many, if not for all of us at different levels.

If I can help you to lead effective change during these challenging times, please feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a virtual meeting.

In the meantime, keep continuing to communicate effectively to those you lead as well as yourself.

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