Becoming a person of consistency can be very challenging indeed.

It is easy to give ourselves a high score for our intentions – however the challenge can often be we would not score ourselves as high for carrying out what we had originally intended to complete.

Consistency can be a challenge – however it is a learnable skill, which can reap dividends, if mastered correctly.

As I coach people, the biggest frustration that many face, can be described in one word – Inconsistency.

However the good news is there are some simple steps that we can take in order to enjoy becoming a person of consistency.

Over the past few years, I have grown in becoming more consistent in the things that I intend to do. To read an earlier blog about intentions CLICK HERE.

I am not perfect at this, however I can see that I have grown in certain areas of my life, not by having lots of ideas each day – but simply being more intentional.

The first thing to admit to yourself is that you may not be as consistent as you think you are:

  • Take time out to have a review in how consistent you really are.
  • Consider the distractions that stop you being a person of consistency.
  • Commit to yourself AND an accountability partner the area of your life you want to become more consistent in.

Jim Tressez said “The hallmark of excellence, the test of greatness, is consistency”.

We all know that more often than not there is great motivation at the start of a project – however discipline will keep you on track.

The key area in how to become a person who is consistent is personal growth. When we understand this – we see life, opportunities and progress completely differently.

I am grateful to John Maxwell, one of my mentors. John has shown me the importance of personal growth, which can help you become much more consistent in your life as you reach into your potential.

Often we fail to achieve and move forward in consistency because our focus is wrong – we focus on being a ‘MASTER’ at the job rather than the need to ‘MASTER’ ourselves.

  • So identify areas you want to grow in.
  • Commit yourself to them as well as your accountability partner/coach.
  • Put in place a framework for your progress.
  • Regularly review the progress you are making.
  • Enjoy the daily journey.

As you begin to achieve your daily goals they will soon change from ‘goals’ into great ‘habits’. You transact a poor habit for a great habit – which becomes part of your DNA and ultimately causes you to become a person who is consistent.

So what action will you take today?

Your future success depends upon the actions you take today. CLICK HERE to see my blog on how action is linked with success.

I would love to hear from you about the action you will take.

As I conclude, consider the immense value, growth and change, which becoming a person of consistency could bring to your life and those around you.

Surely this must be all the motivation you need to grow further in this area.

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