Follow The Leader

Welcome to the second blog in this series – What does it take to REALLY lead?

If you have not read the first blog, please do read it first. I covered:

L – is for learning.

This time I will focus on, E – is for example.

As a leader, being an example is so important. I have often observed when someone comes into leadership for the first time, it brings a new meaning to their life. However all of a sudden, they find people looking at them differently and their life becomes ‘on show’ – a bit like a fish in a goldfish bowel.

When a young person becomes a youth leader, for example, they realise that their peers and those they lead are now looking towards them for the lead – if it is ok for the leader to do…then it is ok for me!

In leading a business or a team, you have great responsibility. You have much authority, but the question is how you will use this position that you have.

Authority and leadership are a powerful combination, for good or bad!

Abraham Lincoln commented, ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

As a leader your life is on show. What you say and what you do have huge implications.

We live in a world, where many are looking for good leaders, those that can be an example to them. Leaders are not perfect at all, but they can emulate a desire to become a better example day by day.

Steven Covey puts it so well – “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.”

I am sure we all have areas where we are a great example, but if we are honest we also have areas where we are not.

It can sometimes be helpful to take time out to evaluate yourself, but it can also be very helpful to have an evaluation from someone else – dare to ask someone how they think you are doing in being an example for others to follow.

The greatest leader of all time – Jesus Christ said, ‘follow me’. Since then people throughout the world have taken up those two powerful words – ‘follow me’. His life was a great example, he modelled someone amazing. We too, can follow his example of his life, and in turn as a leader we can call people to follow us as we are an example to them.

As you build your team in church or business or wherever you are, being an example in your leadership will produce fruit. It will enable you to grow teams, your company and your profitability.

Being an example is an area that you can’t afford to shy away from.

Feel free to pass this blog on to a friend. Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out for my next blog in this series, where I will focus on the letter A.