As we quickly head towards the end of another year it is a great time to take stock and review our year. Why leave it to the 31st of December to make a resolution? Why not plan ahead to stay ahead?

A great way to do this is to look at the past, present and future.


Look at some of your wins during the year – rekindle that emotion, remember that breakthrough. How did it make you feel? How have you added value to your life and those around you? Have you kept to the plans you made for yourself?

Also look at those times of failure. What did you learn from them? It is often said – you learn from your mistakes. I personally don’t agree with that statement. I observe that at times we can all go from one thing to another, without taking time out to learn from our experience. Evaluated experience is a great teacher.

I would rather say – you learn from your mistakes IF you want to. Don’t ignore failure – learn form it, don’t be embarrassed by it, but use it as a way to progress to further.


So where are you really in your life today? Where have you really made progress during the course of the year? Have you celebrated some wins recently? It is so important not to have ‘destination disease’ and never enjoy the moment. We are on a journey in our lives – so enjoy the day, the journey as you progress. Plan now for progress.

If you have an inner-circle – which I greatly encourage you to have – ask them how they think you are doing at the moment. Click here for more about the benefits of an inner circle. What are the areas you need to build upon?

Sir Winston Churchill said ‘I never worry about action – only inaction’. This is so true.


Prepare now for 2015. Don’t leave it to resolutions. Plan ahead to stay ahead and enjoy the benefits that come from this.

Ask yourself great questions, such as – what needs to change, if I am to change? What are my gaosl for the next 90 days? What will my plan consist of?

What is YOUR plan for personal growth in 2015?

These are great questions to consider – and need to be truthfully answered if you want to grow really well next year.

Hope is not a strategy, nor are resolutions – made with emotions on the 31st of December!

“A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the person you want become and start being the person you want to be”Bruce Springsteen.

Being intentional is so important – Click Here for more about being intentional. Make your big decisions, then be intentional in managing them on a daily basis – this is how growth will happen.


  • Plan now to take time out to review your past, present and where you want to be in the future?
  • Work out the actions you will commit to for great growth to take place. Craft your plan of action.
  • Build in to your plan for personal growth to benefit from my courses which will provide a framework for this to happen – click here to learn about about my future courses.

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