Leadership is essential during changing times. As we work through another recession, many teams and companies will be looking towards their leaders for leadership, hope and a plan.

Teams and companies will need to be led well during these times. As John Maxwell says, ‘everything rises and falls upon leadership’. How has your leadership been developing at this time?

Often decisions make us, but a recession will reveal us. The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow. I have often noticed that we come through a recession in one of two ways – better or bitter! We grow or we shrink from our potential.

Challenging times presents so many opportunities for leaders to grow their leadership.

You could say that leaders were made or are made during challenging times. The test of leadership is now. What can you do today to grow as an effective leader? This can be a time to transform your leadership.

One way is to review your leadership style and how challenging times impact you. I often mention to my clients that in life it is not just our actions that make us – but our reactions! How are you reacting at these times?

During economic challenging times, a leader’s presence must be seen to make progress, even though there may be days when you want to hide away!

The leader who wants to be effective must be a leader that is seen. The importance of a leader’s presence should not be underestimated. During challenging times, it is all too easy for a leader to be busy looking at areas such as:

  • strategy
  • cashflow
  • sales
  • communication
  • team dynamics
  • and much more!

All of these are important areas that need a leader’s attention. However, with all of this, the team needs the leader’s attention and presence. Your visible leadership is needed.

Being seen and available may not cost much, but the returns can be huge. As a business growth consultant, I would encourage you to put a process in place where you can bring encouragement to your team by your presence even in times of uncertainty.

Why not take this opportunity to up-level your leadership strengths by taking your personal leadership personality profile?

If you want to be an effective leader, start with a clear understanding of who you are!

The complete Keep Thinking Big Leadership Personality Profile includes the supporting features below to create a clear road map for leading – and living – with clear vision.

It includes:

  • Understanding your personality style
  • Motivational Characteristics of your behavioural style
  • Communication DO’s and DONT’s
  • PowerDISC – discover your strengths
  • Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills.

Keep Thinking Big truly believes in the power of these profiles to aid in self-awareness and really recognize what plays into your strengths.  Additionally, you’ll learn how to stay motivated and rise to your best success. To take this click the following link – https://keepthinkingbig.com/product/leadership-personality-profile

Thanks to the virtual world we live in, we can still be seen. Today, let your team know that they matter. Step into their presence. Be a close leader, not a distant one. Your leadership ability is important. However, your leadership presence can also speak volumes.