Did you know that – You are never too old to have a new adventure, dream or goal.

As one gets older it could be easier just to follow life, rather than lead our lives to the next adventure.

Life just happens. Maybe you have recognised that you are on autopilot, and that the adventurous spirit has left you.

Life is made up more with responding. The status quo has become a lifestyle.

However, could there be another option?

Has Covid-19 caused you to reassess what you really want to do with your life?

Could there be a new adventure, dream, or goal for you to pursue?

Is it time to kick out the autopilot and embrace your new adventure, dream, or goal?

Whatever you have done so far – today is a new day. As I considered this blog, I was reminded of a brilliant quote that is very applicable to this subject and speaks into the heart of what I am trying to convey to you. This will help you to move into your new adventure.

Here it is, it is from Mother Teresa – “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin”.

I know so many people who recognise that they are now in the second half of their lives – me included! Some our pursing their next adventure – some have given up. How would you describe yourself? Are you still pursuing your next adventure, dream, or goal? Would you like to? This blog will help you to make that transition you want to achieve.

I am sure there is something within you, that would say yes. Well let us unpack this quote a bit more. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin.

This quote is packed full of truth, it is not complicated. It hits the nail on the head when it comes to making the most of everyday.

“Yesterday is gone”.

Depending upon how yesterday was, will determine how we feel today. We could feel happy, sad, frustrated, or excited.

However, there could be a danger in looking back. We might find ourselves living in the past, perhaps even building a monument to the successes or disappointments of the past. Sometimes we feel we cannot move on because of a setback we have experienced, but when we realise that a setback, can be a set up to come back, life becomes full of opportunities. Let’s admit to it – we all have setbacks. I know I do!

We can, therefore, allow our yesterday to have a detrimental impact upon our tomorrow. This can cause us to stagnate and not make any real progress as we live in the hurt or disappointment of the past.

“Tomorrow has not yet come”.

As a business growth consultant, I understand the importance of having a vision and strategy. It is important to plan ahead to stay ahead. However, the danger can be that we only live for tomorrow. We keep dreaming and planning and never taking any real action. Do you recognise that within you?

Strategic planning is very important, but it should also be a blueprint for the right actions so that you can gain the right results you want to achieve.

Many adventures fail to happen, because they only live in the planning stages and never translate into action.

Always thinking about tomorrow can have its dangers. As the saying goes Why do something today, that we can do tomorrow! We encourage ourselves and make ourselves feel good by our intentions and not by our actions. We become masters at preparing and planning and never doing! I want to encourage you to plan, plan well and take the right actions that will help you to embrace the right results you are looking for.

How will you seize the day?  Be sure to answer this question – write out your response and then commit yourself to taking that positive action.

“We have only today let us begin”.

Only God knows how long we will live. We do not choose the number of our days; however, we can choose to make the most of everyday. This part of the quote “We have only today let us begin” is a great framework to apply to our lives. We should not allow our past or our circumstances to stop us moving forwards and at the same time contributing to the lives of others.

As we move into our new adventure dream or goal, lets make sure we bring encouragement and help to those we meet on our journey.  Lets make the most of today – today is a day of opportunity. Maybe you feel you are getting older – or as I like to put on birthday cards – Another year younger and wiser!

Well I want to share with you 3 steps in how you can build a strategy towards your new adventure, dream, or goal. I hope this will help you have a very fulfilling second half.

This strategy is taken from the word – AGE!

So, let’s look at the first one;

A is for accelerate

Speed up, don’t slow down.  Look after your body, be careful with your diet, with how much you eat and drink. Sleep well and keep active. Go for walks do what you can to stay healthy. I keep reminding myself of this.

Write down your adventures, dreams, and goals. I have found writing them down rather than using a keyboard helps me to think and dream. Then make a commitment to your adventures, hopes and dreams, so that you can starting making progress – one step at a time.

Make sure your commitment is not just thought based – but also action based. Have a timeline attached to this part. What are you wanting to achieve in the next 6-12 months as you focus your adventures dreams and goals? This will help you with vision and expectations.

As you do this you may find things out about yourself such as – what motivates or discourages you. It is very important to know this. Many dreams have died through discouragement. When we know what could discourages us – we can be prepared in how to deal with it.

You may find a report I use helpful for this. To find out more click HERE.

I have so often seen that self-limiting beliefs have stopped people from dreaming again, it can paralysis people from moving forward.

To watch my TEDx talk about how to overcome self-limiting beliefs click HERE.

Once you have clarity and written out your plans for the next 6-12 months, consider some longer-term goals as well. Dream big, plan well. Don’t allow negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs undermined your future

Knowing yourself is important, it will help you to keep pressing forward into your adventure. How well do you know yourself? The more you know yourself, the easier it will be to lead yourself well into your adventure. To find out more click HERE.

Be careful of your self-talk, speak well to yourself! Tell yourself that you are going to step up and not slow down. Look to impact and encourage others in your journey.

Now lets look at G.

G is for Growth.

Where would you like to be in the next 5 to 10 years? Getting older is automatic, personal growth is not. New adventures, dreams and goals are not automatic.

It will take commitment. Remember if nothing changes….nothing will change.  So where could your new adventure lead you to? Be ready to step up into it.

Never believe the lies, “I am past it”, or “I can’t do anything”. Look at active ways to step up move out of your comfort zone. Growth requires action as Sir Winston Churchill summed up so well, “never, never, never give up”.

So, set out a strategy plan for your new adventure, dream, or goal. Be brave and make the big decisions for your future life, for those dreams and goals, then manage them daily. A structure will enable you to stay on track. Also, I have found being accountable to someone will help you make the progress you want.

Now finally lets look at E.

E is for Enjoy.

As we get older, let us enjoy life more. Enjoyment is not just for the young! Enjoy experiences and the journey along the way. Cultivate an attitude of appreciation every day.

Enjoyment also comes as we let go of those things that we cannot do anything about. Focus on areas in which you can make a difference with your new adventure, dream, or goal. Enjoy your own calling, do not try to be somebody else, everyone else has already been taken. You are you.

I hope this blog has been helpful for you as you look to embrace your new adventures in the second part of your life – life is for living! Believe big, dream big and enjoy the journey. Remind yourself regularly of the following:




And do not forget……You are never too old to have a new adventure, dream, or goal.