For many years, I have heard the term ABC when it comes to selling -ALWAYS BE CLOSING. I am sure you have heard this yourself. Over the years I’ve taught this very thing to many sales people. However, like you, I have noticed that there is a change happening

  • How we purchase
  • Our desire when it comes to purchasing
  • How often we purchase

We must realise we are living in a world that is developing at a very fast rate. The internet has created a level ground for companies to compete at an extraordinary level regardless of their size. Brand awareness through marketing is huge, and we’re exposed every day of our life.

I understand the logic of ABC in sales – Always Be Closing. But I also see how our logic in thinking should change to capture the many opportunities that surround us.

This may no longer be what is needed to ensure we keep our position of authority in the marketplace in the future. Therefore, I would like to suggest ‘out with the old and in with the new’ when it comes to the ABC of sales.

Forward thinking people and companies recognise that today’s ABC needs to change so that greater success can be seen in sales. The ABC should now be ‘Always Be Connecting.’

Your ability to connect will determine your level of success. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being outstanding, how would you rate yourself as a person who connects with others? When it comes to sales, no one wants to be sold to, however, we all like to be helped. We prefer to buy something rather than be sold something.

The fine art of connecting is your secret source for success. The more you connect with your network, the greater your impact will be. When we realise that our network determines our net worth, it is crucial that we don’t just send out marketing messages to our network; rather we learn the fine art of connecting.

Let me share with you three principles I share when training those in the sales profession to always be connecting:


The best way to have people wanting to connect with you is for you to connect with them first. You go first. Forget yourself, focus on the other person. Be totally and genuinely interested in them. Ask them questions about themselves. We all like to talk about ourselves; therefore, let them speak. Resist the temptation. Resist the temptation of trying to impress them. They don’t need to know the A-Z of all your successes. Don’t bore them!


Really Listen. Listening is a learnable skill. It takes time and effort. We all like to be listened to; therefore, if you are to become a ‘master’ at connecting, you must learn to listen at a whole new level.

What do I mean by this? Often people listen, but they are listening for the wrong thing. They’re listening for a gap in what is being said so they can speak next.

We all want to be heard, it makes us feel as though we have been listened to. Let me share one practical thing I do to show that I’ve listened. At the end of the conversation or as a follow up e-mail I share something along the lines of, “I really enjoyed hearing from you.” or, “I really enjoyed hearing your story.” This is something powerful and confirming.

Ralph Emerson said it so well – “In my walks every man I met is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”


None of us like to be sold to; however, we all like to be helped. In your profession, how can you develop your helpful abilities? Your ability to help others will determine how many people will use your service

In such a crowded marketplace, it is easy to understand why people can get confused when making choices. There is no better time than now to set yourself apart and be seen as a person of influence and authority, one who can help another with their buying decision.

To connect effectively with others, you need to be on their wavelength – I am sure you have heard people say ‘I like that person and connected well with them’ or they are a nice person but just not on my wavelength. Both responses can have a big impact upon those who want to become successful in sales.

One way to become a ‘Master’ at connecting is to consider the best and quickest way to respond to those around you.

The Keep Thinking Big Sales Profile can show you how you can easily connect with those around you, which in turn will set you apart from your competitors.

The information in the Keep Thinking Big Sales Style Report is designed to help you become a better salesperson. By understanding your inherent selling style, you will be better able to communicate, motivate, persuade and ultimately close more deals, move more product or sell more services. On top of that, it helps you understand how to sell to the different personality styles so you really are able to identify and connect with them.

As you connect with others, they will connect with you. Go first. Be genuinely interested in them instead of just being interesting. Listen to what they said, hear their need and then provide them with a helpful solution that they need which only you can provide for them.

Always Be Connecting.