So much of our success depends on our mindset. Do you really think you can do make that sale, get that job, achieve that goal?

In leadership and sales training, we often talk about “Thinking B-I-G.” But what does that really mean?

B = beliefs

Do you believe in your product and how it can help your buyers? If not, why should others believe in it and purchase this from you? Know your product, believe in it and how it will help others. Belief in yourself is crucial.

Belief that you can deliver the product is key. In sales, self-belief is very important. Believe you can do this.

The way you choose think will impact your outward actions in sales. Don’t allow self-limiting beliefs to hinder you in your sales. History is full of those that have allowed self-limiting belief to stop them, often saying ‘I can’t do this or I am not cut out for sales’. However, many have conquered self-limiting beliefs and gone on to become very successful in sales.

YOU can do this.

I = intentional

You may believe in your product or offering, and you may also believe in yourself and your ability to deliver. However, there must come a time when your beliefs impact your actions.

Sales don’t just happen.

Networks aren’t built overnight.

You must be intentional.

Being intentional will keep you on the path of success. Being intentional takes you from belief to action. Sales require actions. Actions speak louder than words.

Becoming intentional will set you apart from your competitors.

Success leaves clues.

Those who are outstanding in sales are very intentional. They don’t just hope sales will happen or the market may go their way. They are intentional at making it happen.

G = growth

All businesses want to grow their business. Your customers and your sales will determine the growth of your company.

Growth happens daily, not just in a day.

For outstanding growth, there must be a process. With a great process, great progress can be made.

Having trained hundreds of people in the sales profession, it is very clear you need to have a process.

However, to keep growth happening, you need to track the “right things” the relevant key points, not just the typical ROI. Some people track the wrong things and suffer in the long term.

Winners are trackers and trackers are winners. Be sure to track the relevant ROI areas for your business.

Think big when it comes to sales. Think big, start small and well. Too many companies come and go, however, you are here for the long term — building a sustainable business. Work this process together of BIG, beliefs, intentions and growth. This process will help you to deliver huge dividends.