Whenever you see excellent service, a conscientious team where nothing is too much, regardless of the industry, you can often chase its roots back to management.  Conscientious teams (those who go the extra mile) are generally teams that feel appreciated and engaged by their superiors.

A Culture of Excellence

Creating a culture of excellence begins from the top of any organisation and then spreads throughout the whole team.  When you have a culture of excellence, expectations are high. The service bar is not low. Everyone is conscious of the company vision and the game plan to ensure excellence is delivered to the customer.

Training, time, and resources are allocated to drive excellence in order to create a structure for growth and the onward progression of the organisation. Leaders model excellence and how they interact with their teams and customers.

Leaders’ words, actions, and communications speak volumes and should not be underestimated. Teams look toward their employers as role models in how they should interact with their clients.

Creating a culture of excellence in customer service does not happen overnight. Leadership is key – employers and team leaders need to model excellence in customer service.

Excellence in Customer Service

When an organisation focuses on its team, it impacts team members’ morale, creativity, energy, and focus.

Good management recognises sustained profits and productivity depend on the ability to generate consistent excellence in customer service. Clients like to be listened to and appreciated and will often give you an opportunity to put things right when there are challenges.

Your reaction in dealing with a customer’s problem will determine whether you are able to keep that customer long term. Remember that your team is likely carefully observing your interaction with that customer and learning from it as well.

Always Aim for Excellent Customer Service

Make excellent customer service your daily aim. Customer service is not something that is specific to a section of the company, a department or a small team – the responsibility rests upon your shoulders. Excellent customer service is a responsibility of every member of the team.

Customers these days expect more and more. We live in a time in which increasing demands for great service have become the norm. To stand out from the crowd can be difficult.

It Pays to Have Excellent Customer Service

There is always going to be pressure on fees and prices, so this should never effect the quality of customer service in an organisation.  Ongoing training in service standards is vital.  Often companies lose so much when they allow this area to slip. Return on good training therefore can be huge. Customers should be able to expect more. But if a company is to deliver more, each of their team members must become more.

Key questions to consider:

  • How will you actively look to increase your customer service in the next 90 days?
  • What processes do you have in place for increasing your customer excellence?
  • When was the last time you reviewed each of your processes?
  • How can you increase customer excellent service?

These and other questions need to be regularly asked to ensure that as a company you stand out from the crowd.

Developing a process for a winning customer service strategy will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Strategy is Key

As I mentioned earlier, this process does not happen overnight. It takes vision, commitment, desire and a clear strategy to get the best results.  As I work with clients, I always ensure that a process is established early on to gain greater results.

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Don’t leave your opportunity to gain market share to chance – install a process to create a winning customer service formula.

So my final question for you is:  What steps will you put in place NOW to benefit from having a winning customer service formula for your company?