Winning teams are in high demand. So what does it take to build a winning team?

As a business growth consultant, I work with many international clients. I often observe a strong desire within business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and team leaders, to build a winning team.

Why is this?

Firstly, winning teams make things happen. By their very nature are progressive, enthusiastic, eager to press on and not settle for the status quo. Teamwork is essential within any team that wants to win. Therefore, they each know their own responsibility to deliver as well as the power of synergy – in working together well.

So what does it take to build a winning team?

Regular training and coaching enables each team member to become the very best they can be. Therefore as a result a dream team, don’t just dream, but they transition the dream into reality.

One of my mentors, John Maxwell often says – ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’.

So what are some of the characteristics that a winning team have?

  • They are committed
  • Very intentional
  • Understand the importance of team work
  • Desire for training and coaching to grow themselves
  • The leader is committed to a growth plan in growing their own leadership skills

Therefore, the role of the Executive, HR, CEO’s, Managers and Team Leaders is vital if a team is to develop from a group of people employed to perform certain roles to becoming a strong winning team.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 is the very best) How would you rate your team as a winning team?

Employers and team leaders should look at their teams with a strong intention of – how can I make this team become the best they could ever be? This is a challenging question and one that should be asked on a regular basis.

It should be worked through and therefore with this approach this leads into building upon the success of yesterday – knowing that today is a new day of opportunity to make the team stronger and more successful.

For example, when employees understand that their superiors are not just wanting them to fulfil a role but are committed in developing them to be the very best they can be. This is where teamwork grows and a winning team is birthed.

This in turn causes the heartbeat within the employer to beat even stronger.

Why is this?

The reason is that the employer or the person leading the team, understand that they are not by themselves, but they have a team who have a ‘winning attitude’ which enables the whole organisation to grow from good to great.

You can either hire the hands and feet of people to perform a role. However if you also hire their brains, vision and commitment, this will enable a group of individuals to become not just a team but a winning team. Every individual has value and insight they can bring to the table – however it takes a leader to draw that goodness out of them.

I often remind executives and those who have a leadership responsibility that – ‘With good leadership talent does not come and go – rather it comes and grows’.

However, this does not always come naturally to everyone, this is why training is so important. As I train and coach many people in various organisations, I often see that there is a huge need and desire to formulate a programme for team leaders and managers in how to construct winning teams. There are so many benefits in being part of a winning team.

Confidence is always found within winning teams, therefore to see how leaders build confidence within their teams click HERE.

Strategic planning for winning teams.

Strategic planning is part of formulating a winning team. Therefore if you would like to take a deep dive into what should be considered when developing a strategic plan click HERE.

If you don’t have a winning team then you have an average team. Average teams will die out because other organisations become better and stronger.

This is a crucial area that must be continually challenged and worked on as it will help to ensure survival of organisations and businesses.

Never think you are good enough or that you don’t need training on how to develop winning teams. Why is this?because winning is not a guaranteed position – it is a position that must be worked for, trained for and kept.

With increased competition – the best return on investment is training and coachingbut not just any training. Training that will develop the whole team in order for each team member to see how important their role is. Therefore as a result it will show team members the significance of their contribution is and how to best serve the rest of the team.

In this paragraph, I am going to highlight some key benefits and impressions that winning teams enjoy. Customers and clients are quick to recognise winning teams, they will more often than not give their business to the team they perceive are the best and will meet their desire. Winning teams go out of their way to understand their customers and clients. Winning teams understand that no customers or clients leads to not having a business! To understand more about how to win with your customers and clients click HERE.

With a winning team comes a ‘winning environment’. One aspect I notice about a winning environment is that it does not start from the ground floor of an organisation – it starts from the very top.

The Executives, CEO, COO, MD and HR set the environment which cascades down and permeates every fibre of the organisation. They realise that as John Wooden said – “The main ingredient for stardom is the rest of the team”.

As a business growth consultant, I have often seen that a vision can remain just as a vision if there is no clear logical strategy for its development. If you want to move ahead with your vision, you must also plan ahead to stay ahead. Don’t just remain in the ‘dream mode’. So how can vision and strategy grow your business?

In conclusion, developing winning teams and a winning environment is a learnable skill. It is one that takes time; however it leads to huge dividends for teams and organisations. Winning teams – don’t just appear, it takes time, commitment and effort. To build a successful business, look to empower the team. This successful model will help to attract the best talent and to keep them as well.


1. What are the actions you can put in to place today to strengthen your team and environment? Remember if nothing changes – nothing will change!

2. Who can you become accountable to grow in your leadership to ensure your team and environment is positively impacted?

3. Do you have a coaching, mentoring and training process set up that will enable you to transition into your desired results?

Those who commit to a growing their own personal Leadership as well as their team, see the results that they desire. They plan ahead to stay ahead – what about for you?

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