Do you feel the pain of;

  • Being stuck 
  • Feeling frustrated
  • Busy but not productive
  • Distraction overload
  • Lack of clarity

However your desire is not to remain bound by these and other areas that hold you back.

If so this 90 day programme is for you because you will walk a path that will draw out the genius within you. Say goodbye to the potential minimisers and welcome the potential maximisers. Create new habits – habits of success, providing you a structure for your giant leap forward.


You will embark on a journey that will require you to play ‘all out’ being committed to a process in order to take your giant leap forward.

Transformation is worth the fight of commitment applied on a daily basis.

To take Your Giant Leap Forward In 90 Days – Click HERE.

Take Your Giant Leap Forward in 90 Days Programme.

Week 1.                22nd  September – Start with the end in mind – Where do you really want to get to in the next 90 days?

Week 2.               29th  September – Clarity brings direction – Worksheet.

Week 3.               6th October – What are your top 10 distractions? You know you have them! Live call.

Week 4.               13th  October – How to say goodbye to potential minimisers! Worksheet.

Week 5.               20th  October – 3 Steps in how to Keep Thinking Big for your life – It’s time to take                                      control like you have never done before! Live call.

Week 6.               27th October – How to manage your thinking for success. Worksheet.

Week 7.               3rd November – Accountability will increase your capability – don’t be a lone ranger.  Live call.

Week 8.               10th  November – Busy v Productive. Worksheet

Week 9.               17th  November – Do not disturb! YOU plan your successful day. Live call.

Week 10.             24th  November – Plan ahead to stay ahead. Worksheet

Week 11.             1st December – Winners are trackers. How to keep on track. Live call.

Week 12.             8th  December – How to maximise your potential. Live call and worksheet.


The course will start on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 and will finish on the 8th December 2015.

All Bi weekly calls will be on a Tuesday from 8-8.45pm and will be recorded.

The worksheets will be sent out on a Tuesday morning.

Value of this course is £275 – book in before Wednesday 9th September for only £77.

7 Live calls and 6 worksheets.

To take Your Giant Leap Forward In 90 Days – Click HERE.